thirteen ways of looking at rain

thirteen ways of looking at rain

symbol of cleansing
dreamtime confession

the touch of rain
on a withered cheek
reminder of long-ago kisses

when rain and sun
make love
they spawn rainbows

rain puddles on asphalt or cobblestone
luminescent pools of color
moody reflections

rain puddles on dirt make mud
child’s delight
mother’s misery

when rain freezes
and winds blow
kisses sting
like a lover grown cold

some people are like rain
you reach out to touch them
they slip through your fingers
they are gone
but you remember
they were there

some people are like rain
you wait for them
but they don’t come
then they appear uninvited
and disrupt your life

mingle rain
with tears
purify your heart

rain’s caress
on a child’s cheek
an invitation to play

too much rain blinds
just like too much of anything
moderation, balance
give direction

dance in the rain
sing in the shower
be not afraid
enjoy freedom

when it rains
go walking
without an umbrella

This week at dVerse Poetics, the incomparable Brian Miller offers a prompt based on the amazing art work of Tera Zajack ( olive hue designs) and the Gooseberry Garden invites us to consider, among other things, December. Usually, this month is blessed with some form of precipitation. Where I live, it most often takes the form of snow. But this year, the only thing we’ve had is cold and wind. So this poem, inspired by a form given to us by Wallace Stevens, is more of a wish than a reality. I hope to see you at one or both of these wonderful poetry communities.

My browser would not allow me to upload the images that inspired this poem, so now you HAVE TO check out the Pub. Have a drink and share a poem while you’re there!

34 thoughts on “thirteen ways of looking at rain

  1. Josh L says:

    I have one of my own and this is how I look at rain

    Liquid peace
    calming the world
    only for awhile


  2. 13 ways looking at rain,
    rich and inspiring share.

    Hello, How is your day?

    Hope all is well,
    Appreciated your invaluable support to us,
    Best regards.

    Join us any time and share a verse or two,
    Your talent pleases me and makes a huge difference to us too,

    Hope to see you in soon,


  3. Bodhirose says:

    I so want to write one of these “13 things”. I just love this and remember the other one you did previously. They’re so clever. Thanks for entertaining me, Victoria.


  4. Thirteen little treasures!

    Anna :o]


  5. […] thirteen ways of looking at rain ( […]


  6. Lindy Lee says:

    You make me miss the rain puddles of mother’s misery…


  7. dani says:

    beautiful, Victoria! ♥ i especially love ii and vii ~ but all of them are wonderful! happy holidays!


  8. ManicDdaily says:

    Lovely. I really love the Wallace Stevens too. You do a great job. K.


  9. The verse about rain combining with other elements to make other things (rainbows, ice on your face)–those are the ones I like best, though all are wonderful. I love to watch rain and feel a warm rain on me. Not a cold one, but a warm one.


  10. Nel says:

    Rain and I – a love/hate relationship. Your piece captures rain’s various aspects beautifully. 🙂


  11. Morning says:

    it seems like you have written this for JP potluck …

    glad to see you share.
    very interesting ways to look at the rain.


  12. Summer says:

    neat, well done.

    elegant imagery.


  13. rosemarymint says:

    “rain puddles on dirt make mud
    child’s delight
    mother’s misery”

    Ha! Indeed. 🙂


  14. Steve King says:

    You stretch the meaning of ‘rain’ into so many dimensions, and do it with such apparent ease. It’s a great mental exercise for the reader to consider these distinctions, descriptions and differences all in one place. I enjoyed this.


  15. MISH says:

    Each one is unique and yet so simple… I love them all!
    You really have a lovely way with words, Victoria.


  16. Rallentanda says:

    Clever concept. All lovely but 7 and 9 are very special.


  17. You have made us all
    appreciate much more
    the rain’s preciousness.



  18. df barker says:

    beautiful and quite different – I like the last verse especially, a lesson in life about not being too prepared! Well done.


  19. jmgoyder says:

    Beautiful work.


  20. Jamie Dedes says:

    You used this form once before. I enjoyed it very much than and enjoy this one as well … especially because it’s about rain, which I love.

    Nice! Thanks, Victoria.


  21. A fabulous version of thirteen ways of looking at– xxxj


  22. This is precious, and very true, magikal indeed… Love all of this… Thank you and much appreciated… Happy Holidays, WS…

    P.S. Answer to your question about my poem The 13th Turtle Shall Be Peace is yes….

    13 rains 13 turtles, 🙂


  23. olivehue says:

    I love these different takes. This one is my favorite:
    when rain and sun
    make love
    they spawn rainbows

    I see happy little baby rainbows running all over the place! 🙂


  24. Ravenblack says:

    Very nice verses. I like the ones comparing rain to people, of the “child’s delight, mother’s misery” and the rainbow.

    I do find the rain purifying. I don’t like grey days but I do enjoy rainy ones.


  25. zongrik says:

    i like your little list. just the other day, my mother gave her rain speech telling us how when people complain about the rain…she gives a list of all the advantages


  26. Mama Zen says:

    Marvelous piece!


  27. ayala says:

    Lovely, Victoria. My husband loves the rain…I love dancing in the rain 🙂


  28. siggiofmaine says:

    Victoria…how creative…the title drew me in, your words kept me on the page.

    Thank you,
    Siggi in Downeast Maine


  29. vivinfrance says:

    Cl ever girl, My ways to consider rain mostly consider swearing and unwieldy umbrellas. My favourits of these little gems is number 3.


  30. brian says:

    nice….love it victoria…love the rain…i like that the rain and sun make love and birth rainbows…cool way of putting that…and i like the first as well….nice


  31. claudia says:

    gorgeous them all..tried to pick a favorite…maybe it’s the one with the rain on child’s cheek or when rain and sun make love they spawn rainbows.. or the one with the see, i’m undecided..smiles


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