The Neighbor’s Garage

Baseball Caps

Image by acordova via Flickr


Baseball caps hang on nails
in a row
in the neighbor’s garage–

awnings of color
above the workbench
that holds stacks
of terra cotta flower pots.

Written for and linked to Meeting the Bar at dVerse Poets’ Pub. Join us for some samples of Imagism.


26 thoughts on “The Neighbor’s Garage

  1. kolembo says:

    Aww…gorgeous snippet! Right there…I see it clearly.


  2. Gilly Gee says:

    There’s something fascinating about other peoples stuff and little stashes, thanks for painting some great imagery in my mind! 🙂


  3. dragonkatet says:

    What a great example of imagism!


  4. Manicddaily says:

    Very nice–very subtle and yet direct too! I hope nothing bad is happening. I have been around the bend with things I need to do this week and haven’t gotten to your review, but expect to have a bit of time over weekend at last. HOpe you are well. K.


  5. Garages and workbenches can be quite colorful. Poets and writers are as observant as painters and photographers! At least you are… 🙂


  6. lolamouse says:

    Great image you create here!


  7. David King says:

    The poem is equally as colourful as the picture. Vivid.


  8. And I have a story, minimally told. A neighbor so colorful, so creative with his/her garden, who loves to plant and keeps an array of baseball caps that act like an awning on a Parisian balcony where the resident can garden there; and here in a neighborhood with driveways and garages, so can someone else – similar, yet worlds apart! Wonderful!


  9. Wonderful word painting, Victoria! I used to make all my buddies mad because I kept such a neat garage–even had room for our cars! The house we’re in now doesn’t have a garage, and I miss having one!

    I know you already saw my imagism poem, so hee’s the latest segment of my on-going story. (If you haven’t been following it, you need to catch up! The links to the previous segments are at the bottom of the page.)


  10. Shawna says:

    I love the stacking you create with these lines:

    “awnings of color
    above the workbench
    that holds stacks
    of terra cotta flower pots”

    layers: color on top of awnings on top of terra cotta on top of pots on top of workbench

    It’s all stacked, as are the words and the beat that forms the rhythm that makes this work so very well.


  11. ayala says:

    Nice, Victoria 🙂


  12. Very nice I can see those awnings of colour above the workbench!


  13. Ravenblack says:

    The things that we put and display says a lot of us. Terra cotta flower pots – I like that. It’s an arrangement and expression that implies it’s all ready for use and planting, when the time comes.


    • Shawna says:

      It’s also (possibly) a blending of male and female items, a nice display of self and individuality coupled in a “two-car” garage. Or not. 🙂


  14. hedgewitch says:

    Thanks for showing how its done, Victoria. I’m afraid I couldn’t escape my narrative programming. ;_) Enjoyed this.


  15. I wouldn’t let my dog play with real golf balls, they could crack their teeth or break them off on real ones. The ones he plays with I buy for him from the sports dept. They’re a hard sponge type practice golf ball, which doesn’t break off any sponge if he sinks his teeth into them, made for golfers who want to practice indoors I expect… I’ve seen big dogs chew up real golf balls and because they’re basically a ball made up of elastic, they swallow bits and can get really ill from it. I got the horrors thinking of how bad they could hurt themselves and thought I had to come and let you know these are practice ones.


    • Nor would I. One time I was marking some balls and one of my dogs grabbed one. Had to chase her to get it. Now we just keep them out of reach. Sometimes I fantasize what they would do if I took them to the driving range…but then, there’s coyotes there. Wouldn’t do it.


  16. viv blake says:

    Lovely clear description of a quirky scene.


  17. yoga-adan says:

    “awnings of color” –

    could almost be awnings of colors of words the way you have your images, nice, thanks 😉


  18. Great example of Imagism Victoria, I enjoyed it!


  19. brian says:

    nice victoria…yep i bombed this one…haha…i do have a better feel now of it…my pops has a board of caps in the garage….


  20. claudia says:

    this is great…baseball caps and terra cotta flower pots…they make a garage so colorful and bring flower ideas and unplayed games to my mind..loved it


  21. Barb says:

    A place for everything. I’m not much of a collector, but I like seeing what other people accumulate. Our possessions do tell as tory about us.


  22. That is very colourful. Nice Imagism too. I posted one yesterdayabout my little dog, I wanted you to read it and see if it was right for what you had asked for. I used it as a bit of fun.
    Timmy two Balls 🙂


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