Read an E-Book Week

This week, is celebrating “Read an E-Book Week.” For this event, I have made my novel, “Winter is Past,” available for FREE through the Smashwords site.

If you choose to avail yourself of this opportunity, I have two small requests…not a requirement, just an option.

  • First: would you take a few moments to review the book on, or on your blog or website?
  • And second: if you know anyone you think would enjoy “Winter is Past,” please suggest they buy it. The link to purchase in Print or multiple e-book formats is on the sidebar of my blog or on my website at  I am also available for interviews should you want to do one.

This promotion ends March 10th.

Thank you so much!


6 thoughts on “Read an E-Book Week

  1. tigerbrite says:

    All the best for your book Victoria. I bought a kindle for my partner at Christmas thinking he would not take to it and I would take it over. Not a chance, it has never left his hands. Can’t get one sent here…. I had to ask my sister in law to post it from London. Maybe I will get one… but I am so involved in my writing and study I don’t think I can spare the time. Poetry is a recreation for me.


  2. Jamie Dedes says:

    Good way to promo! I just love the colors you chose.


  3. vivinfrance says:

    Thank you, Victoria. I’ve downloaded the book, but couldn’t work out how to put it on the new Kindle, so I shall read it on the laptop instead! I’m still catching up on missing sleep, and laundry and house tidying after being away for a week.


  4. MISH says:

    Hi Victoria – I hope you are well. First, I must congratulate you on the publishing of your book. What an achievement! I feel so excited – can just imagine how you’re feeling…
    I will definitely purchase your book when I buy a Kindle (my hubby said he’s going to get one for me… one of these days… soon, I hope…) 🙂


  5. I have already recommended your book to some friends and can reprint my Amazon review on my site if you like…


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