The Weaver

A weaver with her weaving loom Nederlands: Dia...

A weaver with her weaving loom Nederlands: Dia. Een weefster achter haar weeftoestel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Variegated threads
crisscross this fabric.
Woven in a clash of hues,
chaotic colors
splash upon each day.

Flashing across the loom,
deft fingers ply
each textured strand,
fill emptiness
with form.

When the work is done
the weaver
wraps herself in
a cocoon of
billowy cloth.

Linked to dVerse Poets’ Pub’s Meeting the Bar which I have the joy of hosting today with an allegorical twist. I hope you’ll stop by with a poem of your own, or just to read and comment. 


34 thoughts on “The Weaver

  1. Bodhirose says:

    Love this, Victoria. Weaving seems like something I would enjoy doing…it seems like it would be quite meditative.


  2. whimsygizmo says:

    LOVE. Especially that cocoon visual. Lovely.


  3. Sheila says:

    had fun with this prompt, Victoria, thank you. yours reminded me of writing poetry – love to wrap myself up in words that are in perfect form.


  4. Ah so beautiful, and the last image of the weaver cocooning herself, so to speak, in a chrysalis, is wonderful.


  5. Chazinator says:

    I’ve heard that native American weavers leave an unstitched thread in their artifactsvso that the soul can enter and egress at will. The weaver’s song works for others, yet here we see how the task also repays with a sense of well-being and care.


  6. Oh, this reminded me of my granny!!! Granny was weaving various things, I have a set of carpets and tableclothes she did for me … It takes more than a talent to do such things, mostly is patience and good eye … Thank you for this Victoria!


  7. I love the imagery you’ve weaved thoughout this poem Victoria. Beautifully written 🙂


  8. Sometimes the only way to survive is to live in a cocoon. I like the idea of a cocoon as a refuge.


  9. ed pilolla says:

    i really like your verbs, especially splash, followed by flashing. ply seems so naturally threadlike, probably becuz it follows deft fingers and everything else. you have wonderful detail.


  10. vivinfrance says:

    Weaving is another of those crafts that I always meant to try. Your poem sums it up so well, but that picture: doesn’t it look an uncomfortable position!?


  11. Mama Zen says:

    Lovely, elegant piece!


  12. ladynyo says:

    This is so layered to me….but so is weaving. I loved this poem because weaving (which you capured with your words so simply and elegantly) fills emptiness with beauty and form.

    Which is exactly what poetry does, neh?

    I marvel at the miracle of a weaved anything….from separate and individual threads (words) to a form (and forms that are different!) that satisfies in so many ways….as a poem does. (or a sonnet, tanka, etc)

    Excellent allegory…something my simple brain can wrap around.

    Lady Nyo


  13. tigerbrite says:

    Wonderful weft of words 🙂


  14. David King says:

    Fine poem. Ticks all the boxes for me.


  15. dfb says:

    This is just lovely, Victoria!


  16. I always learn something new when I visit, now I’ll hlave to look up pix of finished look of the weavers. Verigated colors are interesting as are the words we have to say. Have a good weekend coming up(“-“)


  17. Very nice…i can feel the warmth on this cold morning in your words.


  18. I love the way you weaved yourself into this creation. Seems to me that was the intent! Lovely poem, Victoria!


  19. Shawna says:

    This sounds like the kind of cocoon I’d like to wrap up in: “Woven in a clash of hues, chaotic colors”


  20. hedgewitch says:

    Lovely weave, Victoria. Perhaps the allegory is to the words you wrap us in? Thank you for a great prompt.


  21. Victoria thank you for the prompt today. I am more of a solids and calm kinda girl, but when I look back my most colorful stories come from those chaotic moments. I suppose I should wrap myself in those as well.


  22. They have such a gift, don’t they. Beautiful


  23. Becky says:

    Oh… I love the thought of wrapping yourself in a cocoon when the work is done. So well done my dear friend!


  24. brian miller says:

    before i was married, i boarded with a lady in NC that was a weaver…she had a huge loom and i would sit and watch her zip the shuttelcock back and forth creating some pretty amazing things….the act of creation itself is a pretty beautiful thing…


  25. This poem has texture, Victoria. I can feel the cloth as it’s being woven. Masterfully woven words, my friend!


  26. Our lives, made from the chaos of what bits and pieces flow our way into art that comforts us, so beautiful Victoria. Thank you.


  27. aprille says:

    That is not just any weaver: a back strap weaver, holding the tension of the warp around the waist. Very difficult and very hard on the back.
    I have about five different weaving looms [hand weaving was my profession for a long time] ranging from a medium sized table loom to large looms taking up a lot of space, but I never managed to become comfortable with that eminently practical loom the person in your picture uses: you roll it up afterwards and store it out of sight.
    Thank you for this evening, Victoria.


  28. Eve Redwater says:

    “Variegated threads/crisscross this fabric.” – I love this line, “deft fingers ply/each textured strand,/fill emptiness/with form.” and this line too, my favourite! 🙂


  29. Laurie Kolp says:

    Lovely, Victoria. I, too, like the last stanza. Thanks for the great prompt today.


  30. claudia says:

    filling emptiness with form… and when the work is done wraps herself into a cocoon…somehow speaks to me of someone who weaves the threads for others but she herself is not living in it…very thought provoking victoria


  31. ManicDdaily says:

    Lovely – I’m not sure I quite get the prompt yet so will wait and see. (Also I’m working! At my job!)

    But this poem was very lovely. k.


  32. leahJlynn says:

    working on mine, I like the last four lines for some reason the poem hit home for me.


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