English: A common wood pigeon with nestling in...

English: A common wood pigeon with nestling in Cottingham (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Meet us at the Pub today for a bit of stream-of-consciousness poetry. Here are my schizophrenic meanderings:


Look at the pigeon carrying those twigs,
building a nest beneath the eaves.
How she struts—her little head bobbling
like an Egyptian dancer.

So, down the street new neighbors, heh?
Better I hope than the last ones
whose toddler prowled the neighborhood
without her undies
while Mom imbibed.
They didn’t last long.

I only rented once.
That first apartment with the neighbors up above
each night ‘bout 3AM the bloody arguments and curses,
and then the banging headboard (to each his own.)
What fore?play!

We need to do some work this year.
Driveway’s cracked and windows
seeping cold in winter.
Not that we’re there for much of it.
That scent pervades the neighborhood.
Is it the broom or lilacs or a bit of both?

I better sweep the deck when I get home.
Will you dang critters hurry up and do your poops?
I hate when people don’t pick up after their dogs.
Look at that! A pile under the Mutt Mitt Station.

Our backyard smells like the chicken shit that
David roto-tilled into the veggie garden.
Can’t wait for those tomatoes.
Such 4 play.


48 thoughts on “Home

  1. Jamie Dedes says:

    I really, really enjoyed this. A playful prompt and a playful response. Great! Leaving here with a satified smile … even though it laundry day.

    Thanks, Victoria. Fun! 😉


  2. dragonkatet says:

    This prompt caused some wonderful poetry! I enjoyed Gayle’s and now yours. I love seeing where the stream of consciousness thoughts lead. Agree with David King’s comment about starting off enjoying things and then, before you know it, thoughts of chores and what must be done seem to intrude. 🙂 Did you have as much fun writing this as we had reading it? I bet you did!


  3. kelly says:

    Wonderful, I love the way all the tiny bits and pieces of life get woven into this, and it made me smile, thinking of a friend who always used to say that in the end, it all comes down to bodily functions.
    And p.s., I loved The Dubliners, The Dead is one of my favorite stories (and movies) of all time.
    Just now, I am attempting to read David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest, I may be dead before I finish it! 🙂


  4. libithina says:

    thankyou for comment Victoria – I have left feedback as for this I should have left authors notes re actuality/ metaphor for Dementia awareness and days events .. thankyou for sharing about Nan – Hugs and love Lib


  5. David King says:

    I recognise the pattern: starting off with the enjoyable and ending up with chores! This had the smack of truth about it.


  6. Irene says:

    Ha, you have very earthy and neighbourly thoughts Victoria..the internal conversation is very real.


  7. Lydia says:

    Now that was an interesting peek into your brain! Know what I saw? This enacted on a stage. It could work so beautifully!

    “We need to do some work this year.” Uh-yup, we do also. There is moss on our tall-tall dangerously-pitched roof and I was just about to call the pros the other day to schedule that work when I realized that there are baby birds chirping from a corner gutter joint. So that project must be put on hold….not that there aren’t a dozen others vying for attention!


    • Definitely, the babies come first. We’ve put off projects for the same reason. Right now we have doves nesting on our porch. One year we didn’t mow the lawn till duck eggs hatched. I suspect the neighbors were close to protesting. :0)


  8. libithina says:

    Such 4 play…. this was wonderful Victoria

    loved the challenge you set .. had to try …
    but so many fresh scenes and flavours
    you painted, opinions, thoughts
    that neighbours child no underwear
    brought a smile .. and those dogs poops
    that people don’t clean up .. annoying dirt litterers
    Oh just as I was typing this a pure white moth just
    flew into the room .. curious .. thoughts strayed then
    streamed from my consciouness ..
    really enjoyed doing this ..
    Love Lib


  9. Grace says:

    Enjoyed the sights and sounds of your neighborhood ~ I enjoyed the fun 4play too ~


  10. Mama Zen says:

    This is a hoot! Love the foreplay word play.


  11. My mind got stuck on the headboard and it didn’t break loose til the chicken shit. Fun stuff. 😀


  12. shanyns says:

    Love that, “What fore! play?” very cool. This flows so nicely from bird nest to poop and all that is in between.


  13. So so cool- what a great narrative! I could see the conversation start with pigeon- and then as you walked in (I’m assuming) your mind started to wander- the but about the headboard and the foreplay totally cracked me up. This was so well written- and like a stream- it flowed! Great prompt Victoria- I seriously enjoyed it


  14. Very nice little trip through your mind and the neighborhood…I’m thinking the frisky 3am apartment dwellers were having make-up sex, always fun even if disturbing to others. 🙂


  15. hypercryptical says:

    Lovely foreplay and journey through your neighbourhood Victoria – and thanks for the wonderful prompt.

    Anna :o]


  16. Bodhirose says:

    You packed a lot of texture into this inner monologue, Victoria..and loved your playful play on words. I enjoyed the prompt…thanks a bunch!


  17. chris says:

    This sounds familiar–like the meanderings of my own mind, when I sit at the window admiring my lilacs, watching the local dogs romp in my garden and the neighbours doing whatever it is that they’re doing. Great post, and great prompt, Victoria!


  18. Like the inner monologue you have going on here Victoria, thank you for prompting us to follow that inner flow x


  19. hobgoblin2011 says:

    Really nice Victoria. I love how you were able to keep a focus, something I have a terrible time doing when I commit to stream writing. Thanks again for hosting, it’s a fun exercise. Thanks


  20. kaykuala says:

    Noisy 3am trysts, curses and foreplay! The imagination runs wild. Yes the neighborhood sure needs a once over. What with the doggies and kitties! Great write Victoria!



  21. Ravenblack says:

    This is very lively and full of different sights, sounds and scents. Fun to read. 🙂


  22. Louise says:

    This made me smile…I enjoyed it a lot! I’m very glad you have quieter neighbours now..lol 🙂


  23. Nikhil Jain says:

    Yeah…..loved it…


  24. marousia says:

    Love all the threads and connections – so very Joycian 🙂


  25. Blue Flute says:

    Interesting how the subconscious works. I noticed that most of the last lines of the stanzas carried a recurring stream: “like an Egyptian dancer.” … “They didn’t last long.” … “What fore?play!” … “Such 4 play.” 😉


  26. Loved this. You worked your present tenses here. You gave us sight, texture, sound, and not the least of all – smell. It’s all about springtime.


  27. seingraham says:

    love this very believable stream weaving in and out, back and forth … a good read

    thanks for stopping by my blog and sorry for the tiny print; will try not to do that to you again …


  28. Circular scatterdness. I agree, in Montreal winter lil pets need to hurry their poops.


  29. yoga-adan says:

    that last stanza was priceless 😉

    “Our backyard smells like the chicken shit that
    David roto-tilled into the veggie garden.
    Can’t wait for those tomatoes.
    Such 4 play.”

    such a perfect wrap-up 😉


  30. Mary says:

    I definitely enjoyed this stream of consciousness as I was pulled from one image to another from pigeons through dog poops to chicken shit. Quite a mental jaunt!


  31. Becky says:

    I love your scattered thoughts!


  32. LeahJ says:

    I like the decent into your word play, clever.


  33. hedgewitch says:

    Apparently we both loosen up our vocabulary a bit when “thinking out loud.” ;_) I loved this, especially the way the poem wanders in and out of focus from past to present to future, and the fore(4) play echo is perfect. Congrats on your getting your book done, too, Victoria, and lots of luck with it.


  34. Glenn Buttkus says:

    Nice to be immersed in your stream, for you walk the walk admirably. I have always loved
    S of C pieces; would prefer them to tighter poetic forms that require more focus and thought; nothing is more free than a slice of Stream of C; my prose gets like that, very Faulkner, dash of Vonnegut too. Nice challenge and great guidance here.


  35. I love the sweeping circle, I talk in them all the time with the people closest to me. Wonderful when that look of recognition begins as they see where it’s all going. Marvelous prompt! Thank you!


  36. This was fun- touring your neighborhood and touring your mind. We’re more alike than different and this type of writing proves it!


  37. LOL Talk about full circle !
    Shit is shit …I have a dog and I always pick up after him! We’ve been ‘trained’ to do it for years in the UK or else pay a fine. I HATE walking in dog poops, especially other people’s dogs poop! There’s nothing worse than cleaning up after it. As for your neighbours arguing and then bonking, the mind boggles on how the other half live.
    Loved your stream of thought…LOL


  38. Laurie Kolp says:

    I like how your stream of consciousness seems to come full circle… from dove to chicken shit and all the stuff in-between.


  39. dfb says:

    Fabulous Victoria! (I would qualify that by saying wood pigeons’ calls do drive me to distraction!) 🙂


  40. claudia says:

    haha…always interesting to see what’s going on in the neighborhood…where my mom lives there’s a lady that watches the street with binoculars…ha…great stream of consciousness writing victoria..great prompt as well…can’t wait until the pub doors open..


  41. markwindham says:

    excellent. perfect example of stream of consciousness. I love tracing conversations sometimes: How did we get from pigeons to tomatoes growing in chicken shit? Fun.


  42. brian miller says:

    what fore! play! haha love your word play…nice trip around the neighborhood…the hurry up and do the poops too…i know the feel…i probably need to work on our drive a bit…its gravel but rutting…lived in an apartment only once since leaving college, oy…not again…def cant wait on the tomatoes either…fun play ma’am…i went a little more serious in mine


  43. vivinfrance says:

    If that’s stream of consciousness, I’m happy to read it – unlike Ulysses!


    • Tee hee. I’m reading his Dubliners now and that works because it’s short stories. But I hear Ulysses is a bear and something like 6000 pages or something obscene. I’d be dead before I finished that.


      • ManicDdaily says:

        Hi Victoria – a lovely little conversation here, well-done. I am afraid mine doesn’t really qualify. I was thinking of the exercise but the subject in my mind — actually my whole day–a bit serious to let all thoughts flow – but such a great prompt and you’ve given a wonderful example – shaped but natural. k.


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