Orange–Flash Fiction

Every Picture Tells a Story

Every Picture Tells a Story (Photo credit: Naccarato)

If you’re at dVerse Poets Pub and looking for my Open Link Night Submission, you’ll want to scroll down to the previous entry. Of course, I’d love your input on this as well!

Orange– Five Sentence Flash Fiction

She hadn’t touched her writing or her paints for a while. In the other room, an unfinished canvas lay propped on an easel. Orange and cerulean blue paint danced in cacophonous colors and screamed at her in taunting ecstasy. One evening she had smeared a palette knife of black paint in a thick wavy line down the middle of the canvas and the result only heightened the drama. She abandoned her work for now—she couldn’t paint and wouldn’t write—not since Matt had told her he couldn’t see her anymore.

This week, for the Five Sentence Flash Fiction Prompt, the word du jour is Orange.I couldn’t resist sharing a short excerpt from my up-coming novel, The Sin of His Father with you. Thanks to Lillie McFerrin for hosting this prompt.

More details on the novel with be forthcoming soon on my Website.

Photo available through Wikipedia with thanks to Naccarato.


8 thoughts on “Orange–Flash Fiction

  1. Jamie Dedes says:

    Nice … and wonderful to see that #2 is well on it’s way now.


  2. Bodhirose says:

    I’ve noticed what I’ve given up for love…or the lack of it through the years..dumb!


  3. The emotions are prefect in this piece! Excellent 🙂


  4. OH! As an artist and writer I cringed at the truth of those sentences, the connections between art-work and emotion and circumstance. And I adore the power and meaning you gave to the simple word ‘orange.’


  5. Jamie Dedes says:

    She read the post and noted it symmetry. Colors flashed and danced and she mused that it is indeed a shame and truth that so many abandon themselves to lost love …


  6. Sandra says:

    Such a shame… and all because of unrequited love. Nice one.


  7. I despise how broken heartedness can keep us from being able to create! Nicely done.


  8. lisashambrook says:

    Oh the life of an artist…and the need for a muse! Lovely writing.


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