Yet Another Autumn–Alpha Acrostic

Photo: David Slotto

Autumn traipses in
Boasting burnished leaves,
Coddling those who
Dread outrageous winter intrusions.

Even beauty can deceive.

Fall freezes rape our
Garden deva,
Hold her hostage
In a clump of evergreens.

June memories linger:
Kind breezes that caress.
Light bleeding into early morn,
Melding dawn into day.

Never trust the promises of a rogue.

Only days ago we basked and
Played in sunshine.

Quiet moments lie ahead
Recapturing the long dark days and
Silent nights.

Today however changing leaves
Unfurl in cacophonous colors.
Veils of mist enshroud the Sierras.

Whisper in my ear.
eXpire in my arms.
You promised me forever, now you flee
Zealous lover of my yesterdays.

Over at dVerse Poetics, Mary Kling is our newest pub-tender, offering up a taste of autumn. Hope you’ll join us!


28 thoughts on “Yet Another Autumn–Alpha Acrostic

  1. Jamie Dedes says:

    This is absolutely delightful. Great fun. Smiles here. Thank you.


  2. dragonkatet says:

    What a perfect testament to my favorite season! There are so many good lines in this, Victoria, that I can’t possibly pick just one I like best. I agree that you mastered the form on this one. It didn’t feel like an acrostic at all, and to me, that’s one of the signs of someone skilled at it…when you forget the form and can just concentrate on the imagery and sounds. I think this is one of my favorites of your poems. 🙂


  3. Wow! How amazing is this poem! Love the photo! Well done to your husband!


  4. tigerbrite says:

    This is wonderful, I love writing acrostics. Sorry I have arrived too late to join in this dVerse prompt I would have enjoyed it 😦 The days just wiz past.


  5. That must have taken some time. Wonderful in that it didn’t seem at all contrived (as some acrostics can sound). Excellent!


  6. ds says:

    Oh, what fun. And so clever: “Even beauty can deceive.” “Never trust the promises of a rogue.” So true of life, so true of fall. Thank you.


  7. Very nice…. I was looking for a comment from Pat….. His contribution last week to Tuesday’s Open link was sort of an artistic variation of an alphabet acrostic… It must be in the air, with school starting back. Speaking of that Victoria, have you heard of plans for the schools to stop teaching cursive writing? OMG, I’d rather have them steal our children’s teeth. What do they plan on replacing it with? Texting Ettiquette…..? Sorry that I can not critique your poem, Victoria. You know I love the fall. It’s my weakness…


  8. kkkkaty says:

    Liking the words ‘coddle’ , ‘caress’, and ‘enshroud’ 😉


  9. The whole alphabet – wow wow wow! And not a simple show but a grand epic display of fall in color, temperature, intimacy and expression. Super impressed!


  10. Absolutely beautiful, Victoria. It reads as such an easy free verse, I can get caught up and lost in your words without even realizing the acrostic aspect. Nicely penned, a pleasure to read!!


  11. Oh I like this – it’s very clever and pretty to read, if that makes sense!


  12. This is a great Alpha Acrostic. Thank for sharing.


  13. Louise says:

    Really enjoyed this acostic, so clever & a really beautiful poem 🙂


  14. Susan says:

    Gosh, what a romp! Delighting in the deception from a season you love, I didn’t even notice the alphabet until I noted where you posted! My favorite of an entire poem of glorious images is this: “cacophonous colors.” I say YES!


  15. I like the ABCs too…Creative take on the seasonal change as a rogue fleeing, promises forgotten ~


  16. Mary says:

    Wonderful acrostic, Victoria. I love ‘boasting burnished leaves.” (Yes, they DO boast, don’t they?) I enjoyed “Never trust the promise of a rogue.” (How easily we can be tricked into believing!) And the ending, yes….it seems every year summer promises/implies it will last forever…but it leaves (with falling leaves in this part of the world). What fun it was to read your poem and its creatively crafted lines!


  17. brian miller says:

    very cool victoria…you work the ABCs well adn keep a flow going….some nice zingers in there too…the dont trust a rogue line and the beauty can be decieving…agree with claudia, the last stanza is def my fav….smiles..

    hope you had a great weekend!


  18. dani says:

    oh, i especially love the last verse! wonderful, Victoria!!!


  19. dfb says:

    Beautiful, meaningful poem and a great picture!


  20. shafiqah1 says:

    Abecediary! Too cool 😉


  21. Claudia says:

    so cool..the alphabet fits so well with the seasons, following the given order, ever repeating…esp. fell in love here with your last stanza…the expiring in your arms..the zealous lover…so tough to let him go, isn’t it…but he will be back next year..


  22. leahJlynn says:

    I love the bold letters at the start of each line, it set a determine tune for each event. Love


  23. Mohana says:

    Loved your acrostic, esp the closure. Wonderfully composed.


  24. Poet Laundry says:

    Really like what you did with the prompt. A creative piece–and fun to read. I think it has to be one of my favorites of yours.


  25. Best rendition of the alphabet I’ve ever read!


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