October Haibun

Hawk, the Messenger,
seeks tomorrow’s sustenance,
dove feasts, unaware.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons

Recently, a red tail hawk sat on our fence, watching an assortment of jays, robins, quail and doves fattening themselves on the seeds in our garden. Spent cosmos and coreopsis shrugged, let nature have her way.

Autumn smells pungent—
leaves moldering in crannies,
poems forgotten.

Photo Credit: Mayang.com

All the work of putting the garden to bed for the winter has claimed our attention, turning it from creative pursuits. The tasks of autumn bring to mind those chores that face us later in life—clearing away the debris of spent dreams, wasted efforts—preparing the soil for what is yet to come.

Late blooming roses
struggle in October frost,
clash with changing leaves.

Photo Credit: D. Slotto

A few brilliant roses still persist in their efforts to boast their beauty, proving that nature is not as fussy as we are when it comes to choosing the colors she will wear, or what’s deemed appropriate as defined by the expectations of others. Bright pink and orange: how freeing!

Truckee, languid now,
flows gently through our city,
hopes for winter snow.

Photo Credit: Mike Devon

The Truckee river, a block from our home, is feeling the effect of last winter’s drought. It is fed by beautiful Lake Tahoe, flows east through Reno and ends up in Pyramid Lake, home of the Paiute Indians. Snow fell today, just above our elevation, in the Sierra Nevada and it’s possible we may see some tomorrow. Reno is high desert, receiving only 7” of rain annually. We depend on the snowfall in the mountains and at the Lake.

Written for and linked to dVerse Poets’ Open Link Night, hosted by Claudia Schonfeld who I will have the joy of meeting soon! Her California trip coincides with my visit down South for my mother’s 92nd birthday.

I may be late in visiting. Tomorrow I have a minor procedure for which they’ll send me to la-la land. Doubt I’ll be rational enough to give you any valuable comments!

23 thoughts on “October Haibun

  1. Jamie Dedes says:

    What a perfectly lovely post. The ebb and flow of poem, photograph, and narrative is engaging and I’m just delighted!


  2. The interplay between poetry and pictures is lovely. I also agree that natures does what she wants in her own sweet time, whether it suits us, or not. Hope all went well with the op. I guess it did, you visited me 🙂
    Luck you and Claudia getting to meet each other, how cool is that.
    A very lovely read Victoria.


  3. Such a wonderful journey with stunning scenery, the fallen poetry and autumn chores will stay in my mind’s eye for a long time.


  4. beckykilsby says:

    Effective interplay between prose, poetry and visual images.. much enjoyed the visit, Victoria.

    Hope you’re doing well.


  5. Grace says:

    I like the pictures and haibun ~ Lovely catpure of autumn, my pink red roses are still blooming too ~ Take it easy and have a lovely time meeting up with Claudia ~


  6. Victoria, loved the Haikus you have written, and the glimpse you gave us into your little neck of the world. How lovely!!


  7. Myrna says:

    So beautiful – the photos and your words. I enjoyed reading them. They gave me a feeling of serenity. Hope all goes well and that your trip to La La Land is a pleasant one,


  8. Susan says:

    I have had a fine and poetic journey through your haibun, prose, and pics together. October is whole with its hawk, dove, rose, leaves, frost, river, and snow. How to forget a poem when the world you give us is poetry. Thank you for the messenger and the message.


  9. What’s most striking and lovely about each of these poems is the consciousness you give to what we often consider objects without a sentient life of their own. But I believe all things have energy, thus have some spark of consciousness. Maybe not like we do, but maybe something close…


  10. Sabio Lantz says:

    Great photo exhibit and poetic images and ideas are fantastic. I like the prose accompanying it — a cool mix of styles.


  11. dani says:

    lucky you to get to meet with Claudia! {lucky her to get to meet you!} i hope your procedure goes well!


  12. vivinfrance says:

    Lovely comforting haibun – poetry, prose and pictures perfect! Bon courage for the surgery.


  13. dragonkatet says:

    Some really nice pictures and good metaphors here. Love the one of the red tail! There is nothing quite like the smell of moldering leaves, is there? I have been procrastinating on the autumn clean-up of the beds and yard. Must do it soon. 🙂 Thanks for the reminder.


  14. siggiofmaine says:

    Love this post…thank you.
    Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers…. and a safe return from la la land☺

    And a meeting with Claudia…How lucky can you both be meeting each other !

    Peace and love,
    Siggi in Downeast Maine


  15. hope things will go well
    you will be back with more verse
    and more haibun please


  16. Mary says:

    So true about late-blooming roses clashing with changing leaves….but oh the wonder of this persistent beauty!

    (I didn’t receive an email…but yes 111-120 will be fine!!)


  17. oh i miss my roses….beautiful pics and words victoria…can’t wait to meet you and all the best for the little surgery tomorrow…maybe you find some poetry in la-la-land..who knows…smiles


  18. wolfsrosebud says:

    nice capture of the fall season


  19. As a gardener I relate to the facts of your piece. As a writer I adore the unique perspective with which you share the facts. Art, all the way around.


  20. brian miller says:

    you got snow? how cool is that? i hope all goes well for you tomorrow…will send up a prayer for you in the morning…pretty cool on watching the hawk…nature fascinates me…love the pungent smell of autumn as well…it is my fav season, filled with walks and deep breathes…


  21. hedgewitch says:

    Take it easy tomorrow Victoria, and best wishes. I loved your beautiful photos and words, all very meaningful to this reluctantly aging gardener. I traveled through the Lake Taho/Nevada area many years ago fresh out of the muggy smog and wind and steel of Chicago, and thought it was magical country. You remind me of how it felt to be that young. This is a good thing.


  22. leahJlynn says:

    Awesome write . Love it! the Comparisons of real life and the real life of nature and creativity .Brava


  23. rebecca2000 says:

    You are very creative!


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