Little Things

The kitchen counter’s sticky,
Handprints on the refrigerator door,
And white fuzz on the hardwood floor.
No matter how often I clean, try to
Keep our home perfect, I can’t.
For these small things, however, I’m grateful.
Unless you know I have a husband who
Loves to cook for me,
Little white dogs who want to cuddle,
You’ll wonder why I feel so blessed.

Sparky–Photo: D. Slotto

Today is Thanksgiving in the USA and as I meditated all I could notice was white dog hair all over my newly cleaned house. Then, when I went to the kitchen, everything I touched was sticky as my husband has thrown himself into creating culinary delights. I’m helplessly perfectionistic, but couldn’t help but realize these very things are among the many things for which I’m grateful–someone who cares enough to prepare a special lactose-free pumpkin pie using my special milk that he had to dehydrate, and my two beautiful dogs who teach me all about unconditional love.

Over at dVerse, the challenge for today is to write an acrostic poem centering on gratitude. My offering is not “perfect” poetry, but here it is anyway. We hope you’ll take a few moments to reflect on giving thanks, no matter where you are, or how imperfect your day may be.

Zoe, 2011 Photo: D. Slotto

26 thoughts on “Little Things

  1. dragonkatet says:

    What a nice surprise to see some pictures of your dear ones. It’s a good acrostic and I think it points out the difference in perspective one gets when one looks with eyes of gratitude instead of being critical or passing judgement. It really is an ‘awakening’ of sorts, when you realize how to switch the negative to positive, and how important it is to do so. P.S. There’s a reason it’s called “FURniture” 😉


  2. Jamie Dedes says:

    Oh, if I could give this one two likes, I would. It just too sweet.


  3. Great word picture painted in “THANKFULLY”… “N” and “K”, so true for me too! Thanks for sharing your blessings in an all around lovely post for the occasion(“-“)


  4. Jamie Dedes says:

    This is such a lovely post. It captures the place in which I hope we all reside and the thought of cleaning kitchen always reminds me of Brother Lawrence.

    I love that you have included photos here today. They are very dear.


  5. One of the nicest Thanksgiving posts I’ve seen! And oh that pecan pie makes me miss not eating sugar… 😉


  6. kaykuala says:

    Wonderful acrostic poem, Victoria! The theme is often taken for granted by many!



  7. Teresa says:

    Thanksgiving isn’t about perfection or clean houses, it’s about gratitude. This is certainly filled with that. Lovely. I wouldn’t want to live a life without those wonderful furballs. 🙂


  8. David King says:

    Super. Full of the Ahhh! factor, to which I don’t always respond — but I did this time! Well handled.


  9. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Victoria, all the best!


  10. Lovely. Poem demonstrates love and warmth.


  11. souldipper says:

    When the clone processing is final, please let me know! Dogs, too. Many Thanksgiving blessings for one and all.


  12. wordcoaster says:

    Lovely acrostic–it’s always wonderful to hear the different things people are thankful for. Also… that pie looks DELICIOUS! 🙂


  13. Thanks for sharing your terrific family life with us all.
    Enjoyed reading your acrostic. Well done.


  14. Mary says:

    Victoria, I love your Thanksgiving poem; and Sparky is beautiful. Little white dogs are definitely something to be thankful for on this day! (And your husband who cooks!!)


  15. Such a wonderful, blissful picture this paints! A perfect reminder that the smallest things are sometimes what makes each day precious. Happy Thanksgiving!


  16. ayala says:

    Enjoy all your blessings-Happy Thanksgiving 🙂


  17. Sabio Lantz says:

    Very cool — great to see the homestead!


  18. OrangeUaPoet says:

    nice job using the acrostic form and sharing of the sentiment involving this special holiday with loved ones.


  19. OrangeUaPoet says:

    nice capture of the little things that make up love on this holiday.


  20. Victoria–this is beautiful–you are blessed.


  21. Awww…you cannot be vexed at such love. The hair, the sticky stuff is all to do with loving you… Wonderful
    Have a lovely day there.


  22. ladynimue says:

    this was so perfect for the theme , the blessings and the smiles that indeed make one thankful 🙂


  23. My Honey also cooks for us- it’s the best! The pie looks amazing. Happy Thanksgiving.


  24. brian miller says:

    awww i would feel blessed as well…smiles….a hubs that cooks and pups that nuggles you are in good shape…smiles…nice pics too victoria….happy thanksgiving!


  25. Lovely sentiments this Thanksgiving, Victoria.


  26. claudia says:

    so lovely to see the pics of hubby and dogs…and i love that he cooks for you..enjoy the culinary delights and just close your eyes when you enter the messy kitchen…smiles
    happy thanksgiving to you…thankful that i had the opportunity to meet you…thankful for all you do at dVerse..smiles


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