Our Stories

The night before I plan to take down the Christmas tree,
I crawl from beneath the covers, slip downstairs
and curl up on the couch to read stories of our life together.

The tree rotates, a swirl of colors, as ornaments recount
the years. 1991—“Our First Christmas,”
two critters snuggled in a hollow log.

Photo: D. Slotto

Photo: D. Slotto

The merry-go-round of the tree unfolds the years,
one-by-one. Cycles of remembrance unfurl—
the hard and happy times, the growth, the losses.

Upstairs you snore gently. Sometimes we sleep
and overlook those subtle changes—the waxing
and waning of our marriage, of our shared love.

Photo: D. Slotto

Photo: D. Slotto

At eleven o’clock (you set the timer) the tree goes dark.
I steal back to bed, hold tight our memories, hold on to you.

Photo D. SlottoChristmas 2012

Photo D. Slotto
Christmas 2012

Arriving late to the pub for Claudia’s prompt on change. I wish each of you much joy and good health as we wind up 2012 and plot our course for the coming year. I will be traveling this up-coming week but will do my best to keep in touch.

Each year “Santa” places a new ornament on our tree. The tree rotates and is set up on a timer. It’s all put away now.

21 thoughts on “Our Stories

  1. Jamie Dedes says:

    This is sweet, Victoria, warm and gentle and real.


  2. Victoria, I hope you had a wonderful holiday! 🙂


  3. Lindy Lee says:

    Lovely, loving, nostalgic testimony to a personal holiday tradition.
    Thank you, Victoria…


  4. Ah, your poetry is still as beautiful as always…
    Have a joyous and prosperous New Year Victoria! 🙂


  5. kaykuala says:

    How nice to reflect back on those wonderful years, Victoria! Many can relate to this. You brought back pleasant memories. Enjoy your sojourn and Happy New Year!



  6. Wishing you more warmth and new stories in 2013 Victoria!


  7. tigerbrite says:

    Touching and beautiful. Wishing you a healthy and happy 2013 🙂


  8. Susan says:

    O, I remember that about the tree–added every year, something of the new to the enjoyed ancient. And the tree turns as the year turns as it all accumulates into a life. Nicely played out and ongoing! Happy New Year, Victoria.


  9. Happy new year! 😉


  10. This is just beautiful Victoria! Very touching. It brought tears to my eyes.
    Happy New Year. I wish you a happy, healthy and creative 2013 🙂


  11. jmgoyder says:

    This is lovely.


  12. Kelvin S.M. says:

    ..very touching ma’am… like mum & dad who always have something symbolical for each other every year… they’ve been together for more than 24 yrs now and getting stronger and sweeter… i read comments ’bout your birthday and i’d like greet you a happy..happy birthday… i wish you more and more and more happiness in life and love.. love.. love… GOD BLESS!!!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! smiles…


  13. Mary says:

    This is very touching, Victoria. How wonderful to have a new ornament every year….in honor of your years together. Happy Birthday, and MANY more!


  14. This sweet Victoria, remembering all the Christmases shared together, and holding on to the love ~

    Happy birthday to you ~



  15. Very nice Victoria, your love’s richness is palatable.


  16. ManicDdaily says:

    Very sweet interchange here between the turning and the timer. (And you’re very efficient! I am more of a late to get up and late to take down – twelve days of Christmas–kind – but that has more to do with “magical thinking” than anything else. (Ha.) Thanks for your kind support all year and your wonderful poetry. k.


  17. So tender, nostalgic, and lovely. Happy new year, Victoria, and thanks for making this year wonderful by introducing me to your work and to the great folks at Dverse.


  18. brian miller says:

    smiles at the subtle changes of love…the waxing and waining…i like your use of the ornaments as well…they def tell a story…smiling….happy birthday again…


  19. vivinfrance says:

    Delicious, delightful, delovely memories. Travel safely.


  20. siggiofmaine says:

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful memory … and a special tradition in your marriage. Wishing you many blessings with happiness over flowining in the coming years.((( ♥♥♥)))


  21. claudia says:

    oh victoria…so much warmth in this..the memories, the going through all these years together…the change and growth… nice….and i love that the tree is set on a timer….means your hub’s is a practical thinking man…smiles


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