Fickle Spring


Sun invades water droplets on the sago palm,
transforms them into kaleidoscopic riots of color.

Desert springtime tears apart expectations, time travels
us to summer before our neighbors to the North think thaw.

Last Thursday the finches abandoned our feeder, silenced
their morning prayers, turned Northward toward home, fledglings in tow.

Soon shall we follow—encountering yet again the flourish of rebirth
or, perhaps, another freeze before nature makes up her mind.

Written in Response to Claudia’s prompt for Poetics, but linked to OLN. Looking forward to visiting in a few hours.


31 thoughts on “Fickle Spring

  1. dragonkatet says:

    The picture is wonderful and your words definitely evoke how strange the Springtime can be. I’ve never experienced that season in the desert, and although I imagine it must be similar to how it is in other places, I’m certain it must be quite different as well – perhaps warmer?


  2. Ah yes, springtime in the desert southwest…you’ve just described the last few months here. Nice poem.


  3. Lila says:

    “Desert springtime tears apart expectations.”
    I understand this so well. Lovely lines here. I like how the poem ends as well.


  4. Fickle Spring, indeed. Even here we are teased with warmth one day, and a chill in the air the next. Your words expressed this beautifully, Victoria!


  5. viv blake says:

    This peculiar year encapsulated! Lovely


  6. Jamie Dedes says:

    The perfect picture of the season and weather with all its wayward wonder.


  7. Suzy says:

    Nature has a mind of it’s own – well depicted. kaleidoscopic riots of color nicely captured in the picture.


  8. aqua dragon fruit says:

    I just love this part:

    “kaleidoscopic riots of color.
    Desert springtime tears apart expectations, time travels”

    Your floral header is gorgeous.


  9. Rowan Taw says:

    Absolutely gorgeous – a beautiful meditation on the inevitable cycles of/in life.


  10. beautiful write… and yes, mother nature sure hasnt made up her mind yet! in one week (here in MI) we’ve had 70 degree weather, rain, and a bit of snow fall… quite exciting really though 🙂


  11. The true beauty of nature and her all her trappings belong to the beholder…. You capture her well, sweet Victoria……


  12. kkkkaty1 says:

    So true to form, April being a stubborn month to live through; you bring lovely thoughts, though, to tide us over 😉


  13. aka_andrea says:

    kaleidoscopic riots of color….
    before nature makes up her mind.

    I wonder if she will this year?

    thank you.


  14. My daffodils agree with you. I watch them as they perk up with the day’s warm sun, then shrivel with the frost at night.


  15. Tony Maude says:

    There’s a real sense of both time and place in this poem,Victoria.

    Right now we’ve got rain and strong winds – the type of weather we expect in March, although we had it all through last year’s so-called summer.


  16. Adura Ojo says:

    Ha! The seasons…so difficult to predict these days where the sun would lie…*Smiles.*


  17. Poet Laundry says:

    I really like this Victoria. A wonderful seasonal piece. I’ll take some of that heat off your hands!


  18. claudia says:

    nice to feel the foreboding of spring in the desert before it makes its way up north…love the pic victoria…there’s so much magic in that new awakening..


  19. ManicDdaily says:

    Beautiful pic – love the feel of desert in the poem and all the migrations. k.


  20. Truedessa says:

    This was very nice..time does indeed travel

    Desert springtime tears apart expectations, time travels


  21. ayala says:

    Great imagery, Victoria. the weather has been fickle everywhere… 🙂


  22. That last verse is our weather here this week, sometimes a little cold, sometimes a little warm ~ We are still waiting for spring to finally get a firm footing ~


  23. Spring is sometimes the cruelest month, some guy said. I enjoyed very much the way you conjure up your love for the birds and the ways that Spring discomfits as well as comforts us.


  24. brian miller says:

    nice…great imagery up front…the light in the water droplets….the brids leaving as well…a signal of your own moving…a re-birth…a changing on the new season….it was gorgeous here today…


  25. Mary says:

    Ah, it does seem that the desert leads the way. If the finches have left, it must mean that spring in the north IS to happen soon. Nature really has had trouble making up her mind this spring. This has been the oddest spring I can remember.


  26. Love this. The spring here has been a complete tease.


  27. Denise Swoveland says:

    Good poem, It convey welll the fickleness of this spring. I srpises the birds, and living being are not confses by the temperatal of spring this year.


  28. Tino says:

    Fickle indeed. I have never known a spring like it. The birdlife here haven’t even started mating yet!!

    I think expecting another freeze or cold snap is not unrealistic anymore.

    I think I need to move to the desert because the thaw here is getting later by the year, do you take lodgers 😉


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