Wake Up and Be Inspired: Monday Meanderings


Photo Credit: Victoria Slotto

What a gift it is–those moments when I remember to notice life in detail. To stop and watch the diamonds scattered across the grass in early morning hours, to catch the sun, back-lighting the soft white fuzz of my dogs or breath in the scents of earth and jasmine in our garden. I wish that I could learn to be aware in each and every moment–that I could learn to silence the mindless conversations I have with myself, to let go of fears about the future or regrets about the past, to ignore gnawing worries about what others think.

An exercise I’ve used before that has been the source of a good number of poems is this: at the end of every day (or even as the day progresses) jot down some things that you notice…in detail. I like to create a list of ten. That takes a bit of concentration throughout the day. You may want to use the top of the hour as a reminder, stop what you’re doing and tune in to what’s around you. Be sure to include as many sensory details as you can.

Here’s an example:

1. In the West, large white clouds hang heavy on the mountains. Someone has painted their underbellies with a wash of Payne’s gray.
2. Sparky lies curled at my feet, head erect like a Sphinx, but his eyes are at half-mast.

Photo Credit: David Slotto

Photo Credit: David Slotto

3. A hummingbird perches on the feeder outside my window. I think he’s in love with his reflection.

You get the idea…Want to share some of the things you’re experiencing today? Or another way you’ve found to heighten your powers of observation.  Add a poem or short paragraph if you wish.

A hummingbird descends,


perfumed blood and honey.

Blankets of feathers

stagger across its

silken breast.

Photo Credit: David Slotto

Photo Credit: David Slotto

10 thoughts on “Wake Up and Be Inspired: Monday Meanderings

  1. sadly too many believe these moments are lifetimes~ but moments carry the implication of “momentary.”


  2. lidipiri says:

    I write on my blog my daily observations. 🙂


  3. brian miller says:

    nice…well that is the extent of a large portion of my poems…ha…
    very real to my life…looked at in different ways…capturing the little details that oft go unnoticed…


  4. […] Victoria Slotto wanted us to take time to look around reguarly through the day and note sensory details for a poem. I don’t think this is a poem, so I’ll just leave it as notes. […]


  5. Mary says:

    Very good idea here, Victoria! Now if only I can put it to practice.


    • Start small, Mary. Just jot down a couple of things to start with. I haven’t been working this lately but I need to. My creativity is zilch right now.


      • Mary says:

        I hear you with creativity, Victoria. So often it seems we are on the same ‘path.’ I am thankful for prompts that keep me writing….and for people like you whose writing/thoughts I can identify with.


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