Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons

Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons

They trapped two bears nearby today—
tattooed and tagged and then released,
but trained to stay where they belong
by dogs and rubber bullets.

Watch out for snakes, and train your dogs;
avoid high grass—just back away.
The neighbor killed a long King snake
that snuck into his yard.

Build fences, or the deer will eat
your flowers, veggies and your trees.
As we expand into their hills
they have no food.

They said a hawk swooped in last year
and snatched a terrier puppy dog.
Coyotes prowl a block away
down by the river.

Surrounded by so many threats
we live in fear and danger,
but the true predators we know
invade their land.

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This is a big problem here in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. The incident about the bear is recent and is happening more frequently as developers snatch up their habitat. They try to teach the young bears to stay out of the city using aversion therapy. All of the references have happened, except my neighbor killing the snake.


33 thoughts on “Predators

  1. Jamie Dedes says:

    Points to a serious issue and does that well.

    FYI: I really appreciated David’s photos along side your peoms in the other posts I read this p.m.


  2. We are predators, indeed. Some wildlife, too, is growing in numbers unchecked. We have coyotes nearby, saw one about two miles up the road last year, where once there was none. Interesting the cycles of nature and man. Stay safe over in your neck of the woods!


  3. Victoria, this piece really hits home for me. Living in Brazil where things are a bit more “wild”, I was awestruck on my visit back to the US last month how much we “control” the land– kill the bees, because they sting, kill the ants, because they are a nuisance, kill the groundhogs, the snakes…well, you said it better than me. Thanks for posting ~ peace, Jason


  4. poignancy is very vivid !


  5. yelena says:

    absolutely agree with you, Victoria. we have a similar situation of invading precious lands in Russia, and sadly authorities mostly don’t pay attention to problems in this sphere. thank you for sharing the story~


  6. We do not have the animals that you speak of. Occasionally we have a kangaroo jump across the road, or see a wombat or echidna walking along one. We let them live and let live as much as possible. As much as I was saddened about the terrier puppy, we indeed are encroaching on their land and depriving these magnificent creatures of it. Very strong read Victoria.


  7. tigerbrite says:

    Sad and true words well done. I have seen wild boar on the road here several times at night.


  8. Damn, that was good! 🙂 That poem spoke volumes to me. Loved it. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.


  9. A timely reminder of what we call the food chain: we humans are part of it!


  10. That’s really sad that the human ones are the real predators the rapists of the land hard to hate them but some could certainly do with out them…what would the animals say would they forgive and forget..
    I’m not even sure my cat forgives me for making him stay inside….

    It’s always sad to hear about the animals.


  11. klrs09 says:

    I feel so bad for animals as we humans – in our efforts to ‘get closer to nature’ — keep stealing their habitat and then want them to learn to live beyond our borders and fences. It happens all the time here in Alberta, especially in the mountains.


  12. punnypalaver says:

    Yes, we are the true predators. Will we ever be satiated?


  13. brenda w says:

    Victoria, This is beautiful and timely. I spent the weekend at my folks’ place, where bear and deer are abundant. Their iron bird feeder was destroyed by a bear. BENT! Love this piece. It is beautiful writing.


  14. Myrna says:

    Ugh, I wish things were different. When I hear stories like this I feel so helpless no matter how much I care or donate to animal associations. So sad that that our own animal side does not connect enough with the wild.


  15. Pamela says:

    We complain that they are in our living space, when actually have taken away theirs. Very spot on write here. I was writing this and my internet went for 2 hours.



  16. howanxious says:

    we are the ones snatching away their natural habitat.. thoughtful writing..


  17. Truedessa says:

    Animals have lost territory as they fight for survival..we as humans need to be respectful of nature and it’s creatures. We are the invaders they are the protectors of their realm. Glad to hear the voice in this one.


  18. Lately, scared by wild weather, many animals moved closer to people…maybe we find the way to co-exist….timely write, Victoria


  19. janehewey says:

    these things are happening. maybe talking about them will help us learn to live together.


  20. Oloriel says:

    This peace resonates a truth and a sadness. It is sad to see how we treat animals today,as tho they are not living beings.


  21. Talicha J. says:

    Wow this is so sad! I hate to even think of it. 😦 it is a huge problem


  22. Mary says:

    Yes, this is so true. Humans are the true predators. We brought about this situation ourselves……animals are losing THEIR homeland, and can we really blame them for their acts? Sad about the dog. I have known people to witness this as well with small dogs. My dogs range from 4 1/2 to 6 pounds….I take them out ONLY on leashes. A thought-provoking write, Victoria.


  23. Gay says:

    Perhaps with the realization of the damage we do, we can learn to minimize it, and minimize our damage to one another too. This widens our conscious awareness. Well done.


  24. I wish we would set boundaries for us. Why is it okay to continue to encroach on the habitats of others? Just because they are animals? What are we?


  25. shanyns says:

    We move into their space and wonder what they are doing there – people really are the worst at getting along with their wild neighbors. Great poem and a reminder to work at being a good neighbor to the non-humans!


  26. aprille says:

    Yes, it is a dichotomy. Have to admit, I like my wilder wildlife on the screen.


  27. Ray Sharp says:

    yes, so true. the Michigan DNR is selling permits to slaughter wolves this fall as they are delisted from the endangered list. never mind we have 1,000 wolves and a million deer. The wolves have a place in the landscape, to cull the prey species.


  28. zongrik says:

    i hate we we are doing to the other species, what gives us the right?

    Fancy HOV Ridin’


  29. claudia says:

    oh heck yes – we invaded their land and robbed them off their living space and things like this happen…ugh… it’s sad…tightly penned victoria


  30. brian miller says:

    ugh, yes…the true predators are of our own kind…the animals, they are just trying to keep living the way they have always done…before we paved roads and went on a slaughterhouse ride in our pick ups…


  31. annotating60 says:

    I liked this Victoria it was very pointed.>KB


  32. So true. We are the invaders.


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