Bliss, Briefly–dVerse Open Link Night

I’m happy to announce the release on Kindle of my first collection of poetry: Jacaranda Rain, Collected Poems, 2012, scheduled for Thursday, August 22nd. Print copies will be forth-coming in the near future.

Cover Photo: David Slotto Cover Art: Victoria Slotto

Cover Photo: David Slotto
Cover Art: Victoria Slotto

Now, my poem:

Photo Credit: David Slotto

Photo Credit: David Slotto

Bliss, Briefly

Sunshine, casting light,
discovered lily, fell in love—
brevity’s heartbreak.

I’m submitting this haiku to dVerse Open Link Night. The photo is of a blossoming plant that we’ve had in our bathroom for almost twelve years. I can’t recall it having bloomed before. David recently transplanted it to another larger container and it’s been so happy since then. It seems like it belongs to the lily family, but if anyone can tell me what it is, I’d be grateful. It’s leaves are large and floppy. Here’s another photo that shows more of the plant.

Photo Credit, David Slotto

Photo Credit, David Slotto


26 thoughts on “Bliss, Briefly–dVerse Open Link Night

  1. Jamie Dedes says:

    Clapping hand! Hooray! Lovely poem and congrats on the book.

    I have one of those plants as well. I love them. So leafy and the stark contrast of the white flower.


  2. Beth Winter says:

    Stunning, Victoria. Breathtaking brevity.


  3. Pamela says:

    Victoria, lovely haiku. I thought they were called “Peace Lilies”, though I can’t be sure. Congrats on the book, that is wonderful news.



  4. Blue Flute says:

    Congratulations on your book! I’ll take a look when it’s out.

    lily from another life—
    she handed me
    a petal of sorrow


  5. Imelda says:

    Congratulations. 🙂


  6. beautiful haiku, the pictures is glorious too…love the shadows of the blinds at play. Congratulations on your poetry book too! 🙂


  7. Rowan Taw says:

    Congratulations on the poetry collection, and the peace lily haiku is lovely.


  8. A wonderful haiku.. and the focus on brevity like falling in love… very nice. And congratulations on the book… 🙂


  9. Gay Cannon says:

    It’s a Speth Victoria. They do need to be transplanted to bloom. We left ours at the beach. We’d transplanted it three times. It bloomed all year long with just a little plant food. Loved the haiku. Congratulations on the book. So pleased for you. No one deserves it more. And thanks for the kind comments on my poem.


  10. claudia says:

    oh i love the bliss capture…beautiful plant as well..and cool on finishing the book…can’t wait…smiles


  11. The sun is so fickle as it moves across the sky. Now I want venetian blinds just so I can get such shadow shots.


  12. howanxious says:

    Lovely haiku. And congratulations on the book publication. 🙂


  13. markwindham says:

    very nice poem, congrats on the book!


  14. Truedessa says:

    A beautiful flower and congratulations on your book wishing you success.


  15. shanyns says:

    Those are such lovely flowers, so glad it is happy in it’s new pot! Great poem.


  16. Marya says:

    Victoria, congratulations, how exciting! And love the haiku — really feel the transience of everything.


  17. I am a big fan of the Peace Lily. Yours is happy now, isn’t it? I’m also a fan of brevity. You master it here.


  18. Congratulations dear Victoria ~ What a lovely haiku and white blooming flower ~


  19. southernrealmwayfarer says:

    That’s wonderful! Congratulations!


  20. What a beautiful write Victoria! And congratulations!!


  21. Laurie Kolp says:

    We have the same flowers. I love anything lily-like. Congratulations on your new book!


  22. Congratulations, how exciting. Beautiful poem.


  23. Mary says:

    Congratulations, Victoria, on the publication of your book. Loved your haiku. How exciting to have something bloom for the FIRST time in 12 years! That must be a sign…of something.


  24. brian miller says:

    what a last line, it rather turns it…i like the play of the stripes of light on the flower as well…congrats on your book vic that is awesome…have to get my copy now…and what a treat, released on my birthday…smiles.


  25. annotating60 says:

    Congratulations Victoria.>KB


  26. Hi Victoria!

    It is commonly called a Peace Lilly, but it is not a true ‘member’ of the Lilly family..

    It was given to my family in lieu of ‘transient flowers’ when my child passed away in 1997. It still lives in the same pot and blooms every year.. I forgot all about it until I saw your photo..I asked my wife if it was still around and pleasantly surprised that it is still alive. Thanks for the memories. Fortunately I can see it clearly again too.. on my


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