Winter Coming Home–dVerse Open Link Night


Photo Credit: David Slotto

Our droughted land thirsts.

Dry timber, broken branches,

creviced earth wait in silence.


Migratory birds pass through,

shelter in the branches of an evergreen,

huddle together in thickets of bramble-


berries. Stretch their necks and sing

farewell, then leave us behind, wanting

more of their lilting joy.


Yesterday, a short-lived intrusion

of warblers surprised us with a brand-

new song, stayed for a while then took


flight. This morning I keep watch.

Hesitantly, gray skies yield sparse

flakes here and there until


at last, earth opens her yearning maw,

welcomes her winter lover,

soaks in bliss.


My contribution to dVerse Open Link Night as we enjoy our first snow this morning. If only I didn’t have to go out this afternoon!


30 thoughts on “Winter Coming Home–dVerse Open Link Night

  1. janehewey says:

    lovely. i could have kept reading for several more stanzas. : ) I enjoy your view into nature and her gentle usherings.


  2. Neeks says:

    What a lovely thing winter can be, loved your words and the picture!


  3. i almost see birds flying.

    charming poetry.
    bless your day.


  4. sreeja says:

    Loved the last lines most…..lovely….


  5. tigerbrite says:

    Love this. I too watch the birds from my window:)


  6. Brendan says:

    Thirst for snow isn’t the same as thirst for water, but maybe the earth takes it anyway she can … I loved the lilting stillness of this, the prescience and anticipation of the birds that came and went on the eve of receipt — and to feel the joy of the earth receiving white fullness … Great work, Victoria. – Brendan


  7. alan1704 says:

    beautiful image and so peaceful.


  8. Snow is beautifu from behind the walls and windows of home, but not so good to trudge through! A lovely winter poem which points up the sadness of the disappearance of so many of our feathered songsters.


  9. One good thing about winter is that it makes us appreciate summer more. *smile* But I question if it is correct that earth gives in to heaven only after a autumn reluctance. I believe the two of them love each other whatever what.

    About your poem I am sorry to say I have nothing to say. It has no form!


  10. kkkkaty1 says:

    A glorious, moving and well penned poem for many stands out with it’s wintry outlook


  11. apshilling says:

    Hey Victoria.
    I love the effect on-blog; a perfect overlay for your sweeping PO.
    I live over a river and the seasonal changes are measured by wildlife noises, especially rowdy around the duck mating season!
    the climax point of the poem is a peak worth contemplating like caspar david friedrich’s Wanderer. all the best, stay warm 🙂


  12. Capturing a winter wonderland Vick – we don’t experience snow where I live only if we drive to the nearest mountains (about 2 hours away). I must admit I am not a lover as I prefer warmth ~ but you painted the scene beautifully in your words.


  13. Truedssa says:

    lovely is sad when the birds stretch their neck and say farewell
    as they head to a warmer climate.


  14. Pat Hatt says:

    Winter and cold along with snow, can stay hidden away lol but a little delight can sure come from its sight


  15. kaykuala says:

    How nice with all the birdies for company at their times of play! So now is the time of the weather change. But they’ll make their comeback certainly! Very refreshing Victoria!



  16. I don’t know but, you’ve kindled in me a kindergartner’s joy… Winter wakes inner voices for me, too. A beautiful maw~ Blessings Debbie


  17. Morgan says:

    Lovely…Oh I love Snow…what a beautiful verse. Thank You 🙂


  18. Roberta says:

    Wow! I love this..


  19. brian miller says:

    smiles…i want snow! soon enough i am sure…they say again this weekend….it is nice to still see those signs of life through the winter…to hear the songs that remind us this season will pass soon enough…and each has a bit of life we can enjoy…smiles.


  20. Love this..the transition of birds .. what a lovely way to welcome the seasons.. and Snow in the desert before we got any here… wow..


  21. ladynyo says:

    Victoria….I LOVE this~! it is so evocative of the state of the earth in drought….and then the blessed snow! It made my heart sing.
    And I apologize sincerely, for not answering you last week, your lovely and supportive comment on my poem. But you are one of my favorite poets at dverse and you never fail to evoke some of the deepest sentiment with your poetry. Thank you.

    Lady Nyo….also coming off a 10 year drought in Atlanta, Ga., USA….with a summer of a lot of rain and the earth was so thirsty it just…disappeared.


  22. Gabriella says:

    You have painted a lovely scene, Victoria! I like the song of birds, shortly followed by snow. And I just love your last stanza!


  23. claudia says:

    oh i like to think of snow as a lover…the touch…the covering..the melting into the soil… beautiful… still waiting for the snow to come over here… we only had a little bit so far..


  24. Lovely Victoria! I love the tenderness here


  25. wolfsrosebud says:

    time to settle in… and wait for spring


  26. aprille says:

    It seems to make you feel good.
    Migratory birds are always a treat. I’m still hoping for the what-you-me-call-thems, those beigey jobs from the Arctic. Nice that you can be so accepting of Winter. I’m hoping the snow will hold off a little longer.


  27. margaret says:

    Not everyone welcomes winter with a lover’s arms – but those that do are seldom disappointed. 🙂


  28. . . . welcomes her winter lover, beautiful.


  29. K. A. Brace says:

    Victoria, a very mellow view of the returning winter. Nicely done. >KB


  30. Mary says:

    It will be a long time before we again see warblers here in my area. They have departed or passed through a while ago. I do miss their song though. Instead we have the stillness that only winter brings. Time for the winter lover everywhere, I would guess. I did enjoy your poem, Victoria. The photo too makes winter look so very peaceful.


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