In the Wee Hours of Our Morning

Photo: Sparky and Zoe by David Slotto

Photo: Sparky and Zoe
by David Slotto

This morning as I write

curled up beneath a lap robe—

(the one with horses

galloping across my chilled body)

you read the sports page

at the breakfast table.

Cold air invades the room

through twenty-some-year-

old windows.

Hot coffee, warmth offered by

the nearby fireplace and two

sleeping dogs, pressed close,

bring some relief.

I cherish the comfort

of our shared silence.


I glance your way.

Glasses on the table,

you hold the paper just

inches from your face,

read the small print

of yesterday’s NBA scores.

My pen scratches across

notebook paper as thoughts

tumble out, escape the still-

clouded sleepiness of half-awake.

You fold the paper,

stretch and yawn.

“Let’s drive the neighbor-

hood tonight. See the lights.”

“Let’s take the dogs along,”

I answer.


I know that means agreement.

I cherish the comfort of your silence,

read between your words.

Photo: David Slotto Chez Nous

Photo: David Slotto
Chez Nous


25 thoughts on “In the Wee Hours of Our Morning

  1. Lindy Lee says:

    A home full of love “In the Wee Hours of [Your] Morning”…


  2. poetrypea says:

    The comfort of company.


  3. Akila says:

    Oh! beautiful. I am no where, yet, near you (just about 7 yrs married with a three and a half yr old kid!) but well perhaps, this one opens up as to what could be in store.!! a little of mine is the beginning of yours 🙂 Do visit1


  4. un-Combustible gentleness~ beautiful !


  5. Rallentanda says:

    You have captured contentment completed with your lovely dogs. Your galloping horses house robe made me smile.


  6. Susan Chast says:

    Lovely. Thank you for inviting us in to the bliss in this fine Christmas story.


  7. hypercryptical says:

    How lovely that you understand the silence and how lovely you are so comfortable with each other.
    Anna :o]


  8. To me the essence of the poem is the comfort in silence.. this require real comfort… the only time your enjoy silence is together with someone you are really close to.. loved that.


  9. When one is a child and observes these silences, these commonplaces in parents or grandparents, one thinks their lives dull and uneventful. It takes maturity to realize that this is bliss, this is love, these are the remembered moments – I think that’s why I like the picture I put up of my deceased husband on the article. It’s how I remember him best, preparing for class, quietly drinking coffee and yet there for me if I needed him. Thank you Victoria, this was more than anyone could ask for.


  10. tigerbrite says:

    Such contentment:) I hope the dogs enjoyed the lights.


  11. wolfsrosebud says:

    I wonder how we learn that silence


  12. scillagrace says:

    My reaction is nothing deep…I understand the intimate silence, and smile aloud at the NBA scores! (being Bulls fans is a past-time for Steve & me)


  13. Brendan says:

    I loved the perfection of place and time achieved, I’m sure, over all that time and place that was hard and difficult. That’s what makes the peace of this moment so precious. Fine.


  14. Thank you for taking me with you through your contentment. A delightful poem.


  15. claudia says:

    nice… i love when you know each other so good that you don’t really have to talk but know what the other wants to say by just looking at him…made me smile…a peaceful scene victoria…


  16. ramblingsfromamum says:

    I agree with others comments Vick, this brings so much warmth – the unspoken language between two people who need no words at times as minds can be read. This is beautiful and serene and I simply adore it ~ thank you ~ smiles


  17. That silence is of course worth the world. I sometimes wish I had a woman to unite with. She would speak French.


  18. ManicDdaily says:

    Hey Victoria– a very sweet unspoken dialogue here. Just a question–I think there may be minor typo–I know that “mean” agreement. It could mean “mean agreement” but I think you mean “means” given the context. I am sorry if I’m wrong but there is such a sweet aspect to the poem, I think that’s what you meant! K. (Thanks and sorry–I am a proofreader by profession–just not of my own things.) k.


  19. Gabriella says:

    There is comfort in morning routine shared with someone you love, and sometimes words are just superfluous. I enjoyed the serenity of your poem and the cute photo of your dogs!


  20. Mary says:

    Oh, Victoria, I read the warmth in your writing, the comfort of having known someone for so many years & knowing those special things about one another. I haven’t ‘driven the neighborhood’ yet this year.’ Your post makes me want to….with my dogs! Merry Christmas, Victoria.


  21. Glenn Buttkus says:

    A tip of the top pen to you, Vic; this one just blows my house slippers off; so vulnerable, warm, fuzzy, loving, maternal, & rife with marital advice, & warm canine & spousal love.


  22. This made me smile. I hope you and the dogs enjoyed the Christmas lights. 🙂 Peace, Linda


  23. brian miller says:

    there is def comfort in silence…and in that unspoken language too that you develop…have fun riding in the lights…as i drove home and saw so many lights i thought we needed to do that as well….a very comforting voice you write in…


    • kkkkaty1 says:

      A tribute to your long marriage certainly and all that means…your notes that lead to more writing, his reading..and you decide to see the lights together in the evening …it’s nice to have the companionship.


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