Stars and Midnight Blue–Haiku for Monday Meanderings



My response to Mary’s prompt on dVerse–to write about light–was a bit challenging, so today I’d light to bring a bit more lightness of spirit to Monday Meanderings. The title of this poem comes from a Christmas album by Enya–a quite beautiful album.


white rose in winter

miracles we don’t expect

our God comes to earth


silent star-filled night

newborn hope envelopes earth

flurries of pure joy


christmas eve arrives

children with eyes wide-open

stars and midnight blue

Most likely I will cut way back on posts during the next few weeks that are filled with so many activities. Enjoy this time of preparation and giving. Enjoy your families…the best gift of all.



6 thoughts on “Stars and Midnight Blue–Haiku for Monday Meanderings

  1. dragonkatet says:

    I like them all but I think ii is my favorite. 🙂 You do haikus very well. Enjoy this holiday season, Victoria!


  2. claudia says:

    smiles…it’s cool to see the joy and wonder in the eyes of little kids during the holidays…. newborn hope envelopes earth…was the part that brought it home for me… it’s the hope that touches me most each and every year..


  3. Mary says:

    This is beautiful, Victoria. My favorite is the one about Christmas Eve…with children with wide open eyes. No greater joy than to see Christmas through the eyes of children. And each year I live I am more and more awed by that newborn hope!


  4. brian miller says:

    i hope we get some flurries…that would be fun…i love the expectation and giddy joy that children have around the holidays as well…


  5. Awesome haikus! Sky-tear drops are imbued with His magic ! BEAUTIFUL Victoria ! Blessings Debbie


  6. These continue the gentle expectant mood of your advent poem.


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