outside the window, life goes on

Photo: Victoria Slotto March, 2011

Photo: Victoria Slotto
March, 2011

outside my window, our neighbor putters in her garden.
her roses languish while weeds have their way.

chemo, a fourth round, has taken its toll.
a few wispy hairs blow in the soft breeze.

i close my door gently behind me and we exchange a quick hug.
fear of crushing fragile bones holds me back a little

though her spirit soars, strong, unwavering
like the circling hawk above us, sun on golden wings.

at a distance a blackbird caws,
while hummingbird savors nectar,

drinks in the sweetness of the moment,
unafraid of that which is to come.

Join us at dVerse Poetics where Shanyn invites us to take a look out the window and write about it.

Photo: David Slotto April, 2012

Photo: David Slotto
April, 2012

29 thoughts on “outside the window, life goes on

  1. […] I wrote this short poem for Day 3 of National Poetry Month. A dear friend is dying, after about ten years battling ovarian cancer. It’s hard to believe that she was my partner a week ago Tuesday in a little golf event for my league in which we invited the “Lady Putters” to play with us. We hit the ball to the green and the putter putted out. We were pathetic. Gerry was literally dying and I was really overwhelmed, but grateful to be with her. This photo is one taken about five years ago for the same event. She was in the middle of one of her six rounds of chemo. (I won’t post the one taken this year. It’s not how I want to remember her). This lady has taught me so much about courage and a positive attitude. She never complained–just kept on living. I’m linking another poem I wrote earlier in the the about her HERE. […]


  2. sonsothunder says:

    Profoundly projected compassion and peace!
    With words you sketched a perfect visage in the picture window of my mind… But, as eloquent as your words are.. even they pale to the ones unspoken, unable to stay hidden behind the door, whispered softly, from a heart, so hurt, and so kind..
    God Bless You


  3. wolfsrosebud says:

    wonderful description of the other side of pain


  4. tigerbrite says:

    I felt that hug. Poignant.


  5. Jamie Dedes says:

    Looking out the window brings a certain focus. Enjoyed this ….


  6. Akila says:

    speechless! a poignant piece


  7. It’s a series of moments when looking through windows, and what a sad yet inspirational moment… I love that she has that unwavering spirit like the hawk…every moment counts. Beautiful poem. 🙂


  8. Life is so tenuous ~ I pray your friends may be consoled and the angels surround them. Debbie


  9. Imelda says:

    I wish your friend all the best. My prayers go with her.


  10. Oh this is very sad Victoria but at the same time beautifully moving.


  11. Saddened to read of your neighbor’s illness, her weakened condition well captured by the weeds and languishing roses. Fourth round chemo is not hopeful. Yet you speak of things that do bring hope to all, or at least a bit of peace: a hummingbird, hawk on golden wings. Hopefully your neighbor will find release, find her wings, and soar. A lovely piece, Victoria.


  12. To live in the moment during the most trying of times is a great strength of character. Tending the garden is such a hopeful thing to do.


  13. coalkissed says:

    So poignant. You neighbor is an inspiration. You captured the moment beautifully. I have always found hope in the little hummingbird.


  14. What a gift you have of capturing life, those special moments.


  15. Grace says:

    What a beautiful scenery and pictures you have captured Victoria ~ Those are precious fragile moments we cherish, come what may ~ Happy Sunday ~


  16. Lovely, Victoria! Made my heart soar and my eyes water,,,


  17. Gabriella says:

    Very nice and sensitive poem, Victoria! I am glad your neighbor is able to savor the moment despite the difficulties.


  18. The blackbirds and hummingbirds are such strong images for your neighbor’s condition .. So good to keep that hummingbird inside.


  19. Sad, yet positive. A lovely scene and we must profit by them when they arise.


  20. Glenn Buttkus says:

    carpe diem def for sure, and embrace hummingbirds whenever & wherever you can; lovely couplets, & touching drama; thanks for sharing.


  21. there is not only a fragility to a hummingbird but a sense of purpose as well… which like humans keep us going…


  22. Abhra Pal says:

    Beautiful, pensive and so thoughtful Victoria.


  23. Susan Chast says:

    Fragility, hummingbird, weed and wisp, and each couplet like a gently footstep emphasizes the peace.


  24. claudia says:

    unafraid of that which is to come…. you capture the fragility well victoria…of her…of life.. best we can do is to enjoy those moments as long and as best as we can… sensitively written.. and i so love that pic with the hummingbird…


  25. brian miller says:

    perhaps we can learn a bit of life from the hummingbird eh? hard when the fragility of it all stares us right in the face…i am glad though that she is out and about and living her life…


  26. you captured this scene so beautifully… loved the hawk metaphor as well… we all should savor and appreciate the nectar of good times like that hummingbird


  27. janehewey says:

    serene, fragile, fleeting beauty shines in this poem. you have a real gift for capturing the essence of life in a very few images and lines. may we be like the hummingbird… unafraid.


  28. Mary says:

    Sometimes drinks in the moment is the best thing one can do. Even though we know what is to come, for some moments we need to celebrate life and its blessings.


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