Titmouse–dVerse Open Link Night

Photo: redbubble.com

Photo: redbubble.com

A Haibun

Sweet little titmouse,
wearing a tux, bringing smiles,
follow me about.

The titmouse, a member of the chickadee family, often tracks the dogs and I on our walks,
hopping from light post to rooftop to tree.

Curious fellow,
peering through my window pane,
what do you see now?

He likes to perch outside our kitchen window and entertains a stare-down. Other favorite haunts include the women’s tee box marker just  outside and the water hazard posts.

You are a delight
but once I find my camera
you have flown away.

(By the way, who named you?)

Linked to dverse’s Open Link Night, hosted by Tony Maude.


21 thoughts on “Titmouse–dVerse Open Link Night

  1. Jamie Dedes says:


    It is a strange name, isn’t it? I think it’s actually another name for sparrow ????


  2. poetrypea says:

    Well you have introduced me to a real cutie, lovely verses too.


  3. I can picture the sprightly little thing hopping and bobbing about – your haibun is really charming!


  4. ayala says:

    A delight to read 🙂


  5. margaret says:

    A sweet, pondeing poem – who INDEED named him and yes, I have camera shy birds as well! 🙂


  6. Sreeja says:

    So sweet…. watching birds are so wonderful a feeling….The bird I often watch are mynas….
    titmouse sounds cute…


  7. Gay says:

    Love this. So delicate – I just put up Christmas ornaments, among them many different birds – no titmouse or chickadee but wouldn’t they be festive additions? I think you captured bird watching quite well. We have families of cardinals and blue jays trying to rebuild after the construction work of the last year. More challenging since they cut down my 40 crape myrtle trees. Suburban life isn’t so fine for our feathered friends either this year. Hope you have a great new year, Victoria.


  8. Two lovely words – titmouse and chickadee. Not European birds, but I loved your introduction to them.


  9. Such a pretty little bird…


  10. They are my favorite, such great characters.


  11. MarinaSofia says:

    What a little cutie! I had a sparrow like that once, kept coming to my study window (and nowhere else).


  12. Bodhirose says:

    They are such charming little birds…we have them here. Yeah…who did give him that funny name?! Lovely haibun, Victoria.


  13. claudia says:

    very cool… you have the most interesting birds over there…and i love how she escorts you but then is a bit camerashy as well…thanks for the smile this early morning


  14. Abhra Pal says:

    Ha ha – very well. Has happened so many times with me.

    Few days back one of my friends asked, looking at a butterfly shot – would it stay there until you have snapped the photo 🙂


  15. I like your last line! Also, the image of a little bird tux. I know this bird, and he is dapper.


  16. Truedessa says:

    That is a funny name for a bird but, there is just something I adore about bird poetry. So, this was fun to read.


  17. Sweet poem. Love the chickadee family. That titmouse likes you:)


  18. brian miller says:

    ha. it is a funny name…and isnt it funny too how just when you are ready to spy back on him he has slipped the line and run on…smiles…..


  19. wolfsrosebud says:

    sounds like a rodent… Hey, are you having problems leaving comments on blogs other than wordpress? I had the problem last week too and then it cleared up. Other blogs won’t take my wordpress or google sign in.


  20. Mary says:

    Victoria, isn’t that the way it always is? So often I have experienced something similar. My most recent: seeing 5 deer in the field next to my house. By the time I went in to get my camera they had bounded out of sight. What a beautiful little bird the titmouse is. I hope sometime you are able to take your own photo!!


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