Morning Prayer

Photo: Ingrid Taylor

Photo: Ingrid Taylor

Morning Prayer
American Sentences

Shadows tumble slowly into mountain crevasses, welcoming dawn.
Dandelions play ring-around-the rosie, rivaling the sunrise.
An egret sits in stillness at the edge of velvet water, waiting.

An old lady plods out to her driveway to retrieve the daily news–
Silver hair, disheveled, highlights grinning eyes, welcomes another day.
The dogs roll with abandonment in dew-covered grass, sharing her bliss.

I head homeward, planning my day, as though there will be no surprises.

Written for dVerse Poets Open Link Night where poetry and friendship abound. Check us out and, if you like, bring a poem of your own.


Photo: Sunrise in the California Desert

21 thoughts on “Morning Prayer

  1. brian miller says:

    ah dont sell yourself short, i think you captured a bit of the surprise already…and i imagine the magic will find you if you dont find it first….smiles….


  2. Neeks says:

    Incredibly beautiful and vivid words Victoria. The scenes you paint with words are just as rich as any painting.


  3. The scenery you catch in those sentences .. Like separate little picture of painting. Such morning stillness in them.


  4. Beautiful images, a peaceful morning, no hustle or bustle of the everyday, you made me feel if I was there so thank you.


  5. I like the old lady and the dog image. Very positive and warm…just lovely.


  6. kelvin s.m. says:

    …beautiful, Victoria… and though i am reading this while night is near… it’s a good thing i can save this & re-read again for tomorrow’s inspiration…. truly lovely & that photo of a bird is just so excellently captured… smiles..


  7. So peaceful – every morning should be like that, down to the egret.


  8. Mohana says:

    Such lovely descriptions, the dandelions, velvet water…! And the closing is just epic.


  9. What a moving poem Victoria. I would love to see that old lady pick up her newspaper…



  10. Bodhirose says:

    So called mundane morning activities seem just exactly like a prayer in your observations, Victoria. We can’t plan on surprises…they wouldn’t be surprises if we could…smiles.


  11. grapeling says:

    crafted so well, Victoria ~


  12. not only a lovely poem, Victoria, but the form fascinates. For some reasons, when I do American sentences, each one is a separate idea, line, & stanza; loosely strung together, in the moment, in several moments; but yours is wonderful, where each AS is part of one poem, one large moment/experience; and it resembles some other form too; 3 sentences in two stanzas, followed by one more. Really like it, lady.


  13. Truedessa says:

    I so enjoyed the first stanza it is filled with wonderful images..I’d like to play ring-around-the rosie with dandelions would be fun.


  14. The confirmation everything is as it is supposed to be, is good. You say so. But what you write might be perceived as “having seen it all”. Which is tragic. So in my view your expression is not fantastic. But the images you use in your text is very nice.

    ·: † :·


  15. hisfirefly says:

    yet there are always surprises, yes?
    love the photo – breathtaking!


  16. alan1704 says:

    Beautifully done, such care, and even the dandelions, (i love them), i can feel your joy your grateful heart.


  17. claudia says:

    a wonderful capture of that morning magic… loved esp. the Dandelions playing ring-around-the rosie…


  18. Abhra Pal says:

    Victoria, such lovely images you have in here today. Reminds me how I walk along the riverside with my daughter.


  19. Those American sentences are too darned long. But at least these are beautiful!


  20. kaykuala says:

    Such a wonderful start to the new day. There may be surprises but does it matter. Take it easy like the egret! Nicely Victoria!



  21. Mary says:

    I love the egret sitting at the edge of velvet water…..beautiful imagery in all of your well-chosen words, Victoria. And…ha…each day seems to hold a surprise or two, and I think this is a good thing most of the time. Smiles.


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