Winter is Past – A Healthy Response to Life

Please enjoy this kind review from my dear blogger friend, Amy, who blogs at

Soul Dipper

It’s impossible to know how someone else feels – even though we lived through a similar experience.

Aloneness Aloneness

Often in our attempts to comfort friends, we muster our courage and murmur too many words – wanting desperately to comfort.  Unfortunately, those murmurings can serve to deepen their heartache.  They can re-activate fears or re-affirm ‘aloneness’ in a world too shaken by chaos.

Even when loss experiences parallel – a parent, a child, a spouse – it’s impossible to know how another feels.  We can, however, lay claim to our own feelings, expressed simply and quietly.  We can watch for openings to support and be available, as and when needed.

What about other losses?  How would you respond to a close friend who may have a cancerous tumor growing on her one kidney?

Hold on…there’s more…  What if she was the friend who donated one of her kidneys when you needed…

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4 thoughts on “Winter is Past – A Healthy Response to Life

  1. Brian Miller says:

    that was some fine praise…in how we can learn those healthy responses to lifes difficult circumstances through your characters…cant think of much better praise you could get…


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