Patience is NOT My Virtue–a Rant on Internet Providers for Monday Meanderings



I’ve been living in Internet Limbo–or maybe it’s more like Hell. Yes, that’s it. Hell. Each e-mail or post takes so long to open that, while it’s opening, I have time to put in a load of laundry or vacuum a room–not an exaggeration.

The reason behind that, I suspect, is that currently, I have to go through one Internet provider (Time Warner) to access my main provider (Charter). Of course, each one will blame the other for the problems.

Charter won’t even allow me to backspace in the body of an e-mail if I want to correct a spelling error. I’ve had numerous contacts…by e-mail and phone, kind, pleading, angry, to no available.

This preamble is my excuse if you find me painfully slow to respond to your comments or e-mails. It’s my excuse for not posting to my blog as often as usual and certainly contributed to my leave of absence from dVerse until May.

My e-mail on my blog site is slow, too, but more direct than Charter…so I may try to switch to that although I dread having to transfer e-mail contents. (

So, Time Warner and Charter, listen up. Customer Service is where you will find success. Of course, Time Warner, your lack thereof is already paying back by way of purchase by Comcast hovers in your future.

Pardon my rantings, but I’m learning that holding in anger is so unhealthy. And if I seem to be MIA, please understand.



10 thoughts on “Patience is NOT My Virtue–a Rant on Internet Providers for Monday Meanderings

  1. Jamie Dedes says:

    😦 Hope it’s going better now …


  2. Poor you, Victoria. I too am less active of late – my laptop is mortally sick, and the pc is very old and cranky. I’m doing more quilting though, to keep me busy!


  3. rmp says:

    ranting can be quite cathartic…I hope it helped a little. maybe the internet providers are simply providing you with an opportunity to try something new while you wait, like juggling or sword eating.


  4. claudia says:

    ugh…. it is tiring if internet connection is slow or not working properly… when i was in berlin last time i had such a terrible slow connection and i wanted to do some commenting – and it took forever for a page to open – freaked me out…. ugh… so i can def. understand and hope there is a solution soon


  5. walthe310 says:

    We have had a family computer for almost 20 years now and it has been a frustrating experience for much of the time. At some point, I decided to treat computer problems as learning experiences rather than a source of frustration. Is it a hardware problem or is it a software problem was an eternal dilemma. Hardware is not my area of expertise while my son, who is a software engineer, is more comfortable with the hardware than I am. Together we make a good team.

    I received my first laptop from my wife ten years ago while recovering from a broken leg. It was slow and we replaced it later with a high-end machine from a domestic manufacturer and it quickly failed, but only after the warranty had expired. A local computer service center told me that the design was problematic and the manufacturer knew it. He recommended that we replace it with a cheap import, and we did. The cheap import worked well for a while and then became erratic. It generated an error code that required re-installation of Windows. We did that and there was no improvement. Then it generated another error code indicating a hard drive failure. My son volunteered to replace the hard drive and re-install Windows. Now the laptop is working like new. However, if we did not have access to the internet, we would not have been able to translate the error codes into English.

    Life is like that too, very frustrating if you permit unexpected problems to generate frustration. When I was working, I scheduled my non-working time closely and did not allow time to deal with the unexpected. Now that I am retired, I have more time to deal with the problems that life sends me. Some problems are easily dealt with while others require money to solve. I have found that reflection will solve many of life’s setbacks if you pause and take a moment to think before acting. Life is a learning experience that can be enjoyed if you don’t take it too seriously. We can go on learning until we stop growing. Then begins decay and death.


  6. Brian Miller says:

    ugh. i felt much the same a little over a year ago….our town has been sectioned off among the providers, so if you were in one area you got a particular company….and the one we got sucked…poor signal and service…luckily that has changed and new competition has busted the market up in a good way….


  7. I can certainly empathise with your frustration, as we live in official ‘black hole’ internet-wise, and have satellite, which is more expensive and slooooower…I recently spent a week at my daughter’s, with ‘proper’ internet – I appreciate it while I’m there, but it’s more frustrating when I come home. Oh well!


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