Did Orpheus Have Wings?


Image: testere.com

Image: testere.com

Orpheus is what I would call him
were he mine to name—
this still figure, shrouded in a white hoodie,
sitting beside the even stiller waters
each morning—earlier than most.
I watch him from my kitchen window—
this offspring of gods. Why did they call him human?

He towers above his peers, peers down on them
with dark eyes and an expressionless visage.
Waiting for the words to come? For sudden inspiration
that once received, he accepts, incubates, and births?
Waiting in the stillness for his muse to show herself?
Or waiting for the wisdom of the gods
to nourish his own.

Is he, as I suspect, a poet?
Or is it that in his contemplative silence
I ascribe to him my sacred aspirations?
Would that I be bound to him, to this ephemera!
Would that, I too, drink deeply of this nature,
unfurl, then, my own white wings, and fly!

Photo: Graham Owen

Photo: Graham Owen


My last post was so negative and after reading “Steverino’s” interview on dVerse Pub Talk, I had to put up something more inspiring. Please drop over and enjoy Laurie Kolp’s conversation with Steve Elsaessar who blogs at The Fourth Dimension.

And if I”m slow to return your visits, check out this morning’s rant about my Internet providers.

9 thoughts on “Did Orpheus Have Wings?

  1. Jamie Dedes says:

    I particularly like the detail and the honesty/openness of this piece. Bravo!


  2. rmp says:

    this is lovely. I like the series of ponderings. particularly the opening lines of the third stanza.


  3. Pamela says:

    Absolutely beautiful poem, Victoria. It made me feel very comfortable. Thank you.


  4. Sooo beautiful. Calming and soothing. Like you, I found that interview very inspiring.


  5. C.J. Black says:

    From a scribbler as I am to a poet, continue to educate.


  6. claudia says:

    ha yes… unfurl those wings and fly with him…. i would as well..poet or not…smiles


  7. lynndiane says:

    A poet in a white hoodie would surely not be a “lyre”…but maybe the gods will deal with your internet providers 😉


  8. Brian Miller says:

    smiles…i would like to think he a poet…he is beautiful…i would love to have his perspective….his ability to fly and feel the winds beneath him…easy to ascribe to him our own need for such freedom…


  9. Sometimes, Victoria, we write or do things over a period of time, wondering, “Is it worth it?” Well, as you know, it is not our decision when or who is touched by our own thoughts. I’m not really a poet, but got in with these people a few years ago (before dVerse), and have pretended to write–and I enjoy it, so………

    Unfurl your wings and
    “Fly little bird
    Fly with the wind
    For if you do not
    You’ve surely sinned…”


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