Conjoining–dVerse Open Link Night

Photo: Wong Photos

Photo: Wong Photos

Conjoined- an American Sentence 

Sun rose

finding moon and mountain joined;
fair Santa Rosa blushed.

The Santa Rosa Mountains in Coachella Valley, California turn pink in the sunrise. The morning I wrote this, the full moon was just disappearing over the peak. The American Sentence is composed of 17 syllables, inspired by haiku.

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19 thoughts on “Conjoining–dVerse Open Link Night

  1. Jamie Dedes says:

    I love this poem and enjoy the form … and that area does indeed blush! Altogether wonderful. Big smiles here.


  2. Pamela says:

    I love the American sentence, Victoria. I am going to attempt napo this year, though all drafts may not go on my blog and remain hidden. This is my first napo without Michael. He was always such an encouragement for me. Happy writing, my friend.



  3. tigerbrite says:

    Beautiful picture and poem. Our mountain called Montgo is pink (rosa in Spanish) in the sunset.


  4. Mary says:

    That must have been a beautiful scene, Victoria! There is so much beauty in a mountain sunrise!


  5. kkkkaty says:

    That photo would certainly motivate one to write a poem..your haiku is apt and lovely


  6. Akila says:

    beautiful pic and words!


  7. jmgoyder says:

    I just discovered that for some reason I was no longer following your blog. This has happened with a few people now – not sure how. So sorry!


  8. Lovely word-play!


  9. This is lovely Victoria.


  10. ayala says:

    Beautiful! 🙂


  11. sexy + cool write…nicely done.


  12. Barry Dawson says:

    Beautiful. Loved the implication of the sun catching the moon and mountains together, causing the mountains to glow at sunrise.

    I’m unfamiliar with American sentence form. You’ve inspired me to educate myself on it.


  13. Gorgeous photograph Victoria and a beautiful Am. sentence to accompany. I am thinking of a pic a day with haiku or am sentence for NaPoWriMo – this April (that I guess would be tomorrow) – ha. Thank seeing your work always.


  14. I love the subtle allusion to moon and mountain being “caught” in lover’s tryst, pink blush ensuing. Lovely American sentence, capturing image perfectly.


  15. Angela says:

    This is lovely, Victoria. I love the link with the picture; the two go together beautifully.


  16. I love the moment when the moon meets the morning.. and yes at that moment they are like blushing lovers.. whispering secrets to each other.


  17. Truedessa says:

    That picture is beautiful full of color and promises and the American Sentence captured the image to perfection.


  18. Brian Miller says:

    ha. caught in the act.
    i might blush as well.
    fun play on the pic
    and what a beautiful

    we are getting nasty
    winds as well.


  19. claudia says:

    oh wow… what breath-taking colors victoria – and what a wonderful capture… it looks magical… ah the mountains blushing when the moon touching them… i can understand that…


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