Photo: V. Ceretto

Photo: V. Slotto

We peeked through the slant
of half-closed plantation shutters.
They wheeled her by,
the husk that used to house her spirit—
a whisper enclosed in white plastic.
They wheeled her past
a cacophony of colors—
purples, pinks and gold.

In our lime tree a song bird
sang Kaddish
as the sun hid behind a cloud
while I sang Te Deum.

Kaddish is the Jewish prayer for the dead. Te Deum is a Christian hymn of praise and gratitude. I rejoiced in a life well-lived

Rest Peacefully, Gerry. April 4, 2014

National Poetry Month–Day 6


10 thoughts on “Procession

  1. Jamie Dedes says:

    Yes. I did wonder if this was for your good friend. I am so sorry, Victoria. So hard to see “the husk’ go by on the gurney. The image of my mom being taken that way is etched indelibly in my mind. Be as well as you can be. Am holding you in prayer.


  2. Jamie Dedes says:

    I enjoyed reading this again. I love the photograph too. Well done, Victoria.


  3. scillagrace says:

    Peace to you, Victoria, as you relinquish your friend.


  4. kamana says:

    the husk that used to house her spirit… so beautiful and vivid.


  5. lynndiane says:

    You, the songbird, and flowers gave her a lovely tribute…my sympathy to you in the passing of your friend.


  6. rmp says:

    a beautiful procession. the love is quite palpable. warm wishes to you.


  7. brian miller says:

    the first stanza, the whisper of plastic felt haunting…
    the comparison of the two songs in the last bit as well
    quite evocative…


  8. What more could we ask, at the end, but flowers and loving thoughts.


  9. What an exquisite poem. The image of the white plastic shroud going past the colourful flowers will stay with me. You so beautifully observed, poetically expressed and respectfully marked Gerry’s passing.


  10. ..the husk that used to house her spirit – this …all of this is beautiful Vick. R.I.P Gerry. Hugs to you Vick. x


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