Monday Meanderings–Holy Week and Passover

Image: Milton Knox

Image: Milton Knox

In the Christian tradition, yesterday was Palm Sunday, the beginning of a week in which the passion and death of Jesus is observed, culminating in Easter Sunday. Likewise, in Judaism, Monday opens the celebration of Passover.



In both traditions, the underlying theme is freedom…freedom from bondage, either that of our own personal inadequacy or that imposed by an outside force—in the case of Christianity, redemption from sin and in Judaism, deliverance from captivity in Egypt.

Whether taken as sacred truth or metaphor, the reality for all—believers and non-believers alike—is that few are totally free of enslavement of one sort or another. Just reflect upon the wide variety of addictions that plague society, poverty, government control, unhealthy relationships, physical limitations—the list is boundless.

This may be a good week, whether we ascribe to a religious worldview or not, to evaluate what is holding us back from becoming whole, fulfilled human beings. Is there one step within our power, one step each of us can take to become free in body, mind, spirit or emotion?



3 thoughts on “Monday Meanderings–Holy Week and Passover

  1. brian miller says:

    so true in how we are all slaves to something….work, addiction, even our desires…true freedom takes something much more than our effort…..happy holy week v


  2. Angela says:

    This reminds me of a podcast I heard yesterday (from The Poetry Magazine) that mentioned the upsurge of poets, and especially spoken-word/slam poets, being the writers and the creators who are breaking lots of taboos, limitations, controls and walls within our world ~ and how encouraging it was. Perhaps only small flames, but it only takes a spark to light the fire of change. :-). This inspired me to write my poem of the day about mis-directed anger in our world. Wise words, Victoria.


  3. This time of year my thoughts go to T.S. Elliot, “In spite of which we call this Friday “Good”‘


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