a lesson learned after many years of living

a tenWord

Photo: flickerhavemind.com

Photo: flickerhavemind.com

sand still clouds our valley
blocking the serene mountain view

later, winds settle down
blue skies break through once again

i’m stuck inside, emptying cupboards
boxing up kitchen for remodel

walking dogs i drink in color
and breath new air

but November’s green grass is turning
drought-dry brown

if i don’t expect perfection
life’s still full, beautiful

blood moon tomorrow early, morning
no doubt i will awaken.

I wrote this for National Poetry Month Day 14. Brian, over at dVerse tickled my muse with his tenWord form. Quite fun.


3 thoughts on “a lesson learned after many years of living

  1. lynndiane says:

    “walking dogs I drink in color”…really like that idea! Our brown November grass has a hint of green now…hope we all get rain.


  2. I like your ten-worders. It’s a form that allows us to be enigmatic.


  3. brian miller says:

    so are you doing a full remodel of the kitchen? that is cool.
    lot of truth in that perfection one…its not possible and will only rob us of peace….

    fun play with the tenWord…smiles.


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