Resurrexit Sicut Dixit



An empty nest lies underneath
a flowering Bougainvillea—
a sign of promises unkept
or fledgling flight?

An empty tomb that’s nestled
in Judea’s rocky hills—
another failed prophecy
or hope transcended?


National Poetry Month–Day 20–Happy Easter to all.



5 thoughts on “Resurrexit Sicut Dixit

  1. Pamela says:

    Victoria, I search for hope in this world. I am often times, so disappointed with people’s flippant attitudes toward one another. Life and hope are precious gifts. Belief is ours alone, and we can’t impose it on someone else. I too like the two comparisions.

    Happy belated Easter,


    • I so agree, Pamela. As I age I’m finding I need to redefine so many things and accept belief with a more adult point of view. It’s important that we realize each person has their sacred understanding of what the American Indians called the Great Mystery. I think the last word is accepting that we do live in mystery and that’s okay…uncomfortable, perhaps. But okay. I believe in synchronicity…I journaled about this very thing this morning as I reflected on doubt. The bottom line is: love one another…as you imply. Maybe next week I will write about doubt.


  2. ManicDdaily says:

    A striking comparison — between the nest and the tomb–thanks, Victoria–k.


  3. brian miller says:

    cool title…ironically i led communion today and i talked about promises…of how the disciples must have felt when he was killed…after all their hopes were torn away….


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