Photo: Wise Acre Gardens

Photo: Wise Acre Gardens


beige, white, brown, speckled,
delicate, stout, pointed or round—
fairy umbrellas.

National Poetry Month–Day 21


5 thoughts on “‘srooms

  1. tigerbrite says:

    Fairy umbrellas made me smile:)


  2. brian miller says:

    just be careful which you eat
    you might see some funny things
    i like mine sauteed. smiles


  3. Under a toadstool crept a wee elf
    Out of the rain to shelter himself

    there’s more, but I can’t remember it.


  4. kaykuala says:

    Yes, in all colors, fairy umbrellas! Nicely Victoria!



  5. Ha! Umbrellas indeed. Nicely pictured. 🙂


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