Inspired by Poets for Change–Monday Meanderings

At The Bardo Group, they are hosting an 100 Thousand Poets for Change event. As part of this world-wide event, poets and bloggers are connecting at and writing of a transformed world-a world where peace and sustainability take precedence over violence and throwing things and people away.

All it takes to participate is a post in a creative format, whatever that means to you – poetry, photography, collage, art, creative writing, music … you are limited only by your imagination! Would you care to join us by bringing your own thoughts on peace, transformation? If so, add your link at

Photo: David Slotto

Photo: David Slotto


My contribution:

Wild Fire

I play lilting music
in my heavy heart,
dream of blue skies
and the song of birds,

pay no heed to dense smoke
and nature’s dying
until I hear the mournful
call of doves.

It hasn’t been long since I first posted this, but it has become more significant these past couple of weeks because of a tragic, human-caused fire that had been pouring smoke into Reno. Although fire is part of the circle of life, it seems so tragic when it has been deliberately set. God forgive the person who did this.

10 thoughts on “Inspired by Poets for Change–Monday Meanderings

  1. dogear6 says:

    I loved the poem you wrote here. The fire is so unfortunate. One of my blogger friends is a pastor and over a year ago, his church was burned to the ground by a young man who just felt like doing it. It was hard on my friend and his family and the action was just so senseless. So your poem really spoke to my heart.

    Thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment! I really enjoy visiting back and seeing other people’s blogs. You have a lot of great work here.



  2. Jamie Dedes says:

    The mournfull call of the dove echos the our mourning hearts as we bare witness to current world events. This is the perfect response to our event. Thank you, Victoria, for always rising to the occasion.

    Many blessings,


  3. PoetJanstie says:

    Introducing a melancholy tone to proceedings, Victoria, which is as appropriate for the current state of things … at least until 100K Poets for Change have there say! I like its brevity and focus.


  4. rmp says:

    a very beautiful piece. there is a touch of sadness (with a touch of longing) in the forest stanza, but the second stanza weighs a more heavily.


  5. The poem was lovely (as usual), but the picture of the bird resting itself on the branch was just priceless! 🙂


  6. Mary says:

    You have brought the horrors of forest fires to light in this poem, Victoria. So many animals lose their lives or homes and so painfully.


  7. claudia says:

    my heart always bleeds for all the animals that find death in a wild fire and in some countries they deliberatily set them cause then they can build houses on the ground which was not allowed before cause it was a protected nature area


  8. brian miller says:

    ugh. yeah…when the purpose behind it is destruction…i can only hope the burn brings new life…and the tragic can turn for the good…


  9. Susan says:

    Amen. Exquisite gem of a poem.
    Victoria, I’ve been meaning to tell you that I finally read Winter is Past–picked it up and couldn’t put it down until I was finished. The story and writing held me and moved me. Thank you.


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