Yet Another Autumn–an Alphabetic Acrostic

Photo: D. Slotto

Photo: D. Slotto

Yet Another Autumn

Autumn traipses in
Boasting burnished leaves,
Coddling those who
Dread outrageous winter intrusions.

Even beauty can deceive.

Fall freezes rape our
Garden deva,
Hold her hostage
In a clump of evergreens.

June memories linger:
Kind breezes that caress.
Light bleeding into early morn,
Melding dawn into day.

Never trust the promises of a rogue.

Only days ago we basked and
Played in sunshine.

Quiet moments lie ahead
Recapturing the long dark days and
Silent nights.

Today however changing leaves
Unfurl in cacophonous colors.
Veils of mist enshroud the Sierras.

Whisper in my ear.
eXpire in my arms.
You promised me forever, now you flee
Zealous lover of my yesterdays

Linked to dVerse Open Link Night. Please join us with a poem on any subject. Here in Reno, vicious winds are sweeping in through Donner Pass. On our ash tree, a single leaf holds on for dear life. 

37 thoughts on “Yet Another Autumn–an Alphabetic Acrostic

  1. rmp says:

    you capture the feel of autumn and hint at the coming dormant silence quite nicely.


  2. “Quiet moments lie ahead
    Recapturing the long dark days and
    Silent nights.”

    These are my favorite lines. I feel so calm. Thanks!


  3. So nicely done, Victoria!



  4. This is wonderful! I pleasantly misread one line as “June memoirs linger,” which I also liked. Beautiful work.


  5. “Recapturing the long dark days and
    Silent nights.”
    A perfect look to what’s ahead. “Even beauty can deceive” indeed!
    Well done acrostic, Victoria!


  6. wolfsrosebud says:

    looks like you had fun with this


  7. I like the smells in this…the scent of autumn. We had heavy winds yesterday and there is only one leave hanging on to our ash tree.


  8. MarinaSofia says:

    It flows so naturally, your acrostic! Makes me want to attempt one too, Victoria. Sorry to hear that autumn is proving vicious over there – we’ve had a glorious autumn here (but then, our summer was horrendous).


  9. ManicDdaily says:

    Beautiful pic especially, Victoria–and very fun poem. (One note–for me–the bold letters are a little distracting from the poem itself–it’s kind of cool to see the acrostic, but may also be good to let it just be there-for me anyway–as my eye is kind of lazy and keeps jumping to that bold letter.) Thanks! k.


  10. brian miller says:

    ah but that lover leaves each year…why should we be surprised…he always reminds us that change is a great part of life….a cool alpha-acrostic v…


  11. kaykuala says:

    Fantastic Acrostic offering Victoria! It entails lots of discipline to get one going. You did it very well!



  12. A splendid Acrostic Vick, the colours of Autumn, fading into the darkness of Winter. Cleverly written and may your words never eXpire Smiles.


  13. An accomplished acrostic! I particularly liked your cacophanous colours!


  14. Now that, my dear, is the ABC’s of why fall si my absolute favorite time of year… So beautiful Victoria. Well done!


  15. Susan says:

    HaHa! Beautiful! “Never trust the promises of a rogue.” But then, why ask for promises Mother Nature will refuse?


  16. Liked this Victoria–beautiful close!


  17. This is lovely Victoria, autumn is a beautiful time, right now it is a hot spring day here. I did like how you worked in the X…..


  18. Nice to see you again.. Victoria.. and ah the splendor of the Summer Lover.. and the promise that fall will never cool one’s heart…

    And the promise of Fall.. gives.. way to alphabetical..Winter Z’s…

    And the hibernation ends.. springing forward leaves of new…

    With the promise of Summer returning again…

    And then there are those who generate their own seasons.. of heart and lore.. and then the Summer Lover.. may never go…



    • Freddie, I tried to comment on you post but it kept jumping all over the place and I couldn’t get to comment. I especially liked your wish that we all recapture the creativity of our childhood.

      And thanks for your thought-provoking comment.

      Liked by 1 person

  19. Truedessa says:

    Great acrostic poem so many great lines in the a to z..quiet moments lie ahead..yes, winter does bring a quietness as nature falls to sleep in many ways.


  20. Justin Lamb says:

    This is clever. You fit in all the letters and it flows nicely.


  21. kimorlisa says:

    This is amazing, I was happily surprised by the alphabet scheme and from it such a beautiful poem was created. Kudos.


  22. Mary says:

    Yes, days ago we played in sunshine….and now this. Autumn is a kind of cruel joke, I think. And yes, there is no ‘forever’ in weather….summer has left us once again.


  23. Myrna says:

    I love Autumn, though here in the Southwest, Autumn feels a lot like Spring – warm and beautiful. The desert still shows no signs of winter’s coming. So I really appreciate your poem, so descriptive of a real Autumn. It welcomes in the new season.


  24. Grace says:

    Lovely autumn acrostic Victoria ~ I can relate to the sudden change in weather, the winds carrying all the leaves from the garden & trees ~


  25. Abhra says:

    Beautiful autumn poetry – and I liked the form too – reading your poetry after a long time, have a good weekend Victoria…


  26. ds says:

    Wonderful description of fall. “Even beauty can deceive.” Yes. Clever to use the alphabet acrostic, too. Thank you.


  27. welshstream says:

    That is well done ~ the danger of these poems is that you end up with contrived lines to meet the rigid formula, but you have totally managed to avoid that. Some great imagery!


  28. bleibalien says:

    Groovy piece. Love the acrostic form, and definitely captured the coming of autumn perfectly.


  29. I loved this so much! Especially “Even beauty can deceive” and “Never trust the promises of a rogue.” Summer is such a fickle lover, she always leaves.


  30. Glenn Buttkus says:

    Have we done an Acrostic form at dVerse? It is an imaginative form for sure. Love what you did with the elusive X; made me smile. The final image of that last ash leaf clinging against the inevitable sticks with me. Here in WA state, the rains of ranchipor have arrived, but it is still in the 60’s, so the colors are droll, wet, beaten down. Autumn blossomed/died elsewhere, here it is pitifully pathetically lacking; no photo ops.


  31. An alphabet acrostic sounds like the best way to describe the fall… downfall .. till the winter comes.


  32. Wonderful acrostic, Victoria! Very clever – from Q on especially lovely.


  33. claudia says:

    cool acrostics… autumn is here in full force… sunday we had 27 C and two days later the temp. dropped to 0 and heavy storms…. though autumn surely has her own special magic…smiles


  34. Jamie Dedes says:

    An acrostic poem and a tumble of maple leaves changing colors: I can’t think of a better way to welcome the season. I guess I do welcome it though it looks like you yearn for summer. Maybe why you take vacations in Palm Springs. I doubt that I could stand the heat there. At any rate, it’s a good poem, Victoria. I like it. A fabulous photo too. Congrats’ to your honey on that one.


  35. walthe310 says:

    Green, yellow, red, brown

    Floating, tumbling down


    Sculpted by the wind



    Rich scent

    Thin tendrils like fingers

    Reach for the sky



    For the next generation of

    Autumn leaves.


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