Photography 101–Catching Up…Again

I’m back with another post for the prompts we received at Photography 101.


Best Friends

Photo: Slotto

Photo: Slotto



033114 120



9 thoughts on “Photography 101–Catching Up…Again

  1. rmp says:

    best friends definitely fit bliss quite nicely. I do appreciate the stillness of water.


  2. lynn__ says:

    Welcome back to the grid…love your water shot with peaceful palms.


  3. You sure tagged these challenges. It must be fun hunting with your camera for representations of these concepts! 🙂 So different than writing or promoting a book–speaking of which…


  4. I love the mountains in the background. The doggies are so sweet. Your pictures capture so much love and serenity.


  5. Beautiful stillness of those dogs.. 🙂


  6. Aww being a dog lover this shot is awesome as for the stillness shot, is that where you live? Stunning Vick.


  7. mellam says:

    I really like the reflections in the water!


  8. claudia says:

    oh wow…i love how the palms mirror in the lake… the mountains in the background and the lush green… love it…and such cute pups as well..


  9. brian miller says:

    awww cute pic of the pups….
    and another great pond shot….beautiful place there…


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