i went ahead and opened the window anyway

Photo: fab40s.uk.com

Photo: fab40s.uk.com

my embarrassed dog begged me
never to take him to that groomer again.
“i may be cute,” he said, but come on…
bows? i’m a manly mutt.

he concurred with the timid window
who pleaded with me to pull the shades
so she could enjoy the seclusion of her own room.

the lingerie drawer, also fearful of being opened,
thus disclosing the no-longer skimpy contents
of her confines said, “you don’t want to show
those ugly things to the whole world, do you?”

while the laundry basket, not at all enthralled
with her contents retorted,
“you think you have problems?!”

i escaped to my office where a lusty canvas waited,
craving to be slathered with color.

but a joyful book, my new novel—finally completed—
gloated, knowing that he had commanded
all my attention.

there, on the desk, moped a melancholy apple
longing to be consumed
and a glass of crisp chardonnay, a confused wine,
just couldn’t understand this poem.

so the delighted feather
was tickled by the whole affair.

Photo: pbs.com

Photo: pbs.com

What a fun prompt Marina Sofia has given us for today’s dVerse Poetics. Stop on over for a few laughs and bring one of your own.

I’m back home at last, easing into normalcy but with some catching up to do. Hope to be hanging around the poetry pub a bit more.


20 thoughts on “i went ahead and opened the window anyway

  1. You had me at lingerie. BTW, my dog talks too. And I say to heck with modesty – open that window wide! Congrats Victoria!


  2. Polly says:

    Brilliant! Funny and cute.


  3. Bows on a manly dog, indeed! That was a fun poem–all these inanimate objects had such definitive opinions! 🙂


  4. Oh we did the same mistake.. I liked your result a lot .. I was smiling all the way.. but mostly at that manly mutt…


  5. Sabio Lantz says:

    I guess you decided to use all 10 of your objects


  6. Prajakta says:

    This was amazingly witty and extremely engaging. The adjectives fit so perfectly!


  7. I laughed my socks off! After this brilliant response to the prompt, I shall be totally inhibited when I try to write one…


  8. MarinaSofia says:

    What an interesting and fun combination you have there. Strong characters! The fearful lingerie drawer was one of my favourites (it should have a talk with my bossy one!)


  9. claudia says:

    i love the melancholy apple and the confused wine…what a pair eh… and that lusty canvas waiting.. i hope you did some painting and i hope that you’re gonna show us the results… smiles


  10. lynn__ says:

    I was tickled by this too…it flowed with creative fun!


  11. Glenn Buttkus says:

    You have taken the prompt & created poetic magic, combining thing oddly but beautifully; kudos on finishing your “Novel?”. Have you figured out or line up plans for publishing? So nice to have you running again with the dVerse dogs.


  12. Kathy Reed says:

    I very much like your take on the prompt, Victoria. And if I haven’t congratulated you on your book, I do now ;_)


  13. billgncs says:

    I smiled the whole way through… I myself tending to be a “manly mutt”


  14. ayala says:

    A great mix filled with fun 🙂


  15. Mary says:

    Ha, bows for a manly dog would be a bit much! I have one ‘manly’ dog and two ‘feminine’ dogs. It is the manly dog who wears a sweater this time of year though…as he is skinny and almost hairless. And, ha, if only the laundry basket could speak!! Good to see you, Victoria.


  16. wolfsrosebud says:

    loved the mutt, apple, and feather… what a mix… enjoy the sweetness of the moments


  17. Grace says:

    I admire how the objects became human like embarrassed dog, timid window, melancholy apple and joyful book ~ So well done Victoria ~

    Congrats on the publication ~


  18. I really like how the title fits the poem and how it is a complete story by itself… And a confused wine is such an honest one, I find it easy to believe its confusion.


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