Monday Meanderings–Welcome, Rain. Please Stay Awhile

The Truckee River, 2014--only a block from our home. It is usually fast and full, fed by Tahoe. Photo: KTVN News Channel 2

The Truckee River, 2014–only a block from our home. It is usually fast and full, fed by Tahoe.
Photo: KTVN News Channel 2

While much of the United States has been inundated with precipitation of one sort or another, we in the West have just suffered through our third year of drought. Our beautiful maple tree, in the front yard is languishing and if we lose it, we have mentioned the possibility of xeriscape, which seems so logical for those of us living in desert climates. (Reno, in Northern Nevada, is nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, about 40 minutes from Lake Tahoe. It is classified as high desert.)

At the moment, I turn my head to look out the window, at a lovely gentle rainfall. The bare ornamental pear tree right next to me is decorated with pendulous drops of water. To the West and North of us, there is a fine dusting of snow that hasn’t quite reached our 4500 ft. elevation. My prayer is that this lovely gift of rain will hang around for a while and water our barren land. But gently, I think, to give it time to soak in (I recall two floods we’ve experienced since moving here in 1993.)

Photo: Victoria Slotto Ornamental Pear Tree in Winter.

Photo: Victoria Slotto
Ornamental Pear Tree in Winter.

This morning “my” tree was full of birds, feasting on the tiny, inedible-to-human pears that still remain. Finches, Jays, a Chickadee–the first I’ve seen here, robins and doves compete. On the ground and in the huge blue spruce in the front yard, quail wait out the winter. Their babies, which delight us in fair weather, are mature now.

Will we have snow this year? Last year only one snowfall made its way to us just in time to get dirty or melt for Christmas. But for today, it’s a very light rain. Please stay a while.

7 thoughts on “Monday Meanderings–Welcome, Rain. Please Stay Awhile

  1. Beth says:

    I share your weather, and love the way you write. You are so lovable!


  2. brian miller says:

    we will surely have snow…i think it is supposed to be a tough winter in these parts…maybe you will get some more of that precip…its seems to have brought your world to life…smiles.


  3. Love the snow flake effect on your site! Raining here right now…


  4. I wish I could send you some of our rain. Snow seems to be falling as well as rain in your desert!
    V x


  5. suchled says:

    In Australia we often say that we don’t understand ‘the yankees’. But we know all too well what a drought is like and particularly in California. We are waiting for four firebombing helicopters that come here every summer and go back to Ca for your summer. There are some things we are pretty hand in hand about.


  6. What a pretty, gentle picture you paint.


  7. I hope you will have plenty of gentle rain.. (I think we might have some surplus too)… I recall the call for xeriscape from when I lived in Phoenix.. wonderfully beautiful at that level at least…


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