This Is Just How It Is in Deserts




This Is Just How It Is in Deserts

When rain comes
to thirsty deserts
it only teases our hopes,
playing hide and seek with furtive sun.
If rain comes.

This is my response to Tony’s prompt for Thursday’s MTB–but since I couldn’t make it on time, I’m adding it to Open Link Night.  

An expanded Cinquain, it calls for adding a syllable to the American Cinquain, resulting in 3-5-7-9-3 syllable-stanzas. Enjoy a variety of subjects and forms today at dVerse OLN. We hope to see something from you, as well.


32 thoughts on “This Is Just How It Is in Deserts

  1. Iremise says:

    This is a lovely bit of poetry


  2. rythaephua says:

    Nice, I like this.


  3. And desserts stressed can be evil and live as devil lived.. just thought i’d add that in tHere…

    Hope you are having a great post Super Bowl weekend..Victoria..:)


  4. ManicDdaily says:

    Hey Victoria–you describe well the chanciness of sun and cloud –and water! Wonderful sound also in the short crisp lines. thanks. k.


  5. kaykuala says:

    Rain is the savior to all the anticipation which might not readily come! Nicely Victoria!



  6. billgncs says:

    I was just in the Arizona desert – and as I rode my bike past a cactus, I discovered to my delight that it was covered in green parrots. Sometimes the desert delights


  7. lynn__ says:

    We sometimes know that “tease” of rain on the plains too in summer!


  8. Kenn says:

    I think that you described the desert’s denizens good in this poem. I’d imagine they’d play hide and seek during the day because of the petrifying heat.


  9. Mohana says:

    The rain playing hide n seek sounds lovely!


  10. Misky says:

    I love that rain and desert can be so interchanged with human needs and thirst. Nicely done.


  11. This is a nice observation, and a poem worthy of praise. Indeed, there are deserts.


  12. scotthastiepoet says:

    Teasing hope and furtive sun – all very lovely Victoria – thanks for this splash of light… With Best Wishes Scott


  13. Prajakta says:

    Beautiful! I come from the desert lands of India and this makes me go back to its unquenchable thirst. Can it truly be ever satiated? I doubt.


  14. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade) says:

    Killer last line.


  15. Poet Laundry says:

    We have exactly the opposite experience where I live lol. The sun teases us and we wait for the gloom and rain to lift!


  16. Anna says:

    I really enjoyed those expanded cinquains; yours is particularly satisfying. A perfect match of subject and form.


  17. Susan Chast says:

    “If” takes on a lingering wistfulness here–quite an achievement for something that could be so urgent. The tone is lovely.


  18. Gabriella says:

    I admire how these few lines are so evocative. I like how your portrayed rain as well as the efficiency of the slight change in the closing line.


  19. kelly says:

    Love the way you twisted it back round at the end… Really great use of the form! Frozen here…. Though the sun managed to peek out today.


  20. I bet you can all but taste the rain when it comes! A lovely capture for the senses, Victoria.


  21. Truedessa says:

    I would much rather have rain than all this snow A lovely verse. I wanted to try this form as well, but had limited time.


  22. I only spent a year in the desert.. but I remember the feeling when rain was seemed to just tease you with its presence. Somehow this is the same with many other blessings..


  23. kanzensakura says:

    Wonderful. This evokes feelings of when I have been that desert and wondering if rain would ever come. This was worth waiting for.


  24. Glenn Buttkus says:

    Cool to bless us, to share with us our marvelous version of the expanded Maude cinquain. I lived on the CA deserts for years, pining for the dense forests, tall volcanic mountains, & inland sea of my native
    western WA; have been back here for 30 years now, & never tire of my chosen Home.


  25. dani says:

    we’ve actually been having some rain here in Arizona. desperately needed as i’m sure it is there.

    i hope the new year is off to a good start for you, Victoria!


  26. Grace says:

    A different season, I would take rain and sun any day ~ Lovely work on the form Victoria ~


  27. MarinaSofia says:

    I can hear your frustration…
    I love this modified cinquain – a witty, rueful take on the form!


  28. wolfsrosebud says:

    ah… the desert has much to say to the young grasshopper


  29. brian miller says:

    i hope you get your rain…
    and that it is not just a tease
    but that it quenches your thirst…
    we are supposed to start getting rain tomorrow….
    orignally it was supposed to be snow…
    i am mildly disappointed…smiles.

    your lime green friend. ha


  30. Mary says:

    So true. I have no doubt that oftentimes that rain on a desert can tease…..especially when so much is needed, and one wonders when again there will ever be enough.


  31. claudia says:

    that is a fascinating pic… and i wonder if there’s enough rain in the whole world to satisfy a thirsty desert…


  32. Beautiful. Did you mean hide and seek? or was that a poetic “see”


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