has the proliferation of social media engendered terror?


Photo: V. Slotto

Photo: V. Slotto

a cloud-shroud encircles the mountains
but sun breaks through
diffusing soft light on the lake
that dances in the breeze.
why am i not at peace?

in another desert,
a human torch is lit.
the world looks on in horror,
a world rift with –isms.
why is there so much anger?

thoughts of brutality
overpower these moments.
even the finches and sparrows
wage war
at the feeder outside my window.
why are we so selfish?

a goose forages by the lake—
left behind by his flock,
not accepted by the mallards
because he is different.
why do we exclude?

yesterday, i drove too slowly
for the man in the red SUV.
he tailgated, flipped me the bird,
then cut me off.
why are we in such a hurry?

it’s useless to try to change
another’s point of view.
i keep silence
unless my own rights are threatened,
but do i have the courage to die
for my beliefs?
why do i even have to ask?

black and white thinking
does not work.
why do we hate those many shades of gray?

the clouds move in across the valley.
gentle rain clears the air
as sun slips behind the mountain
casting peach and gold and mauve
upon our earth.

but elsewhere
peace is shattered.

A very rough draft linked to Abhra’s prompt for dVerse Poetics.


21 thoughts on “has the proliferation of social media engendered terror?

  1. jcmindset says:

    Very good questions you ask there. Beautiful poem


  2. Prajakta says:

    but elsewhere.. peace is shattered. Superb! The stanza about the human torch ran deep.


  3. It is sad that even our most peaceful moments can be an illusion.


  4. Abhra says:

    I am glad you could join in my prompt. Thanks. There are these beautiful moments you paint here – and you know your heart is truly not there. I am very shaken by the news and I still dont know how to react.


  5. lynn__ says:

    Oh, Victoria, sometimes what offers us peace cannot bring it! This quiet, questioning lament is lovely in the rough…


  6. You ask such compelling questions and make the kinds of observations I am constantly making. This doesn’t read like a rough draft at all!


  7. Bryan Ens says:

    nice bit of introspection here. Sometimes…no…OFTEN I wish that I could change someone else’s point of view, but in reality, more often than not it’s my own attitude that needs adjusting.


  8. A beautiful poem, Victoria. You use the juxtaposition of the peaceful natural world to our more unnatural impulses. Very moving,


  9. Mary says:

    You have asked so many good questions here, Victoria. Why is there so much anger? Why are we in a hurry? Your last stanza develops such a peaceful scene….but yes, in so many places that peace IS shattered.


  10. Sherry Marr says:

    I love the juxtaposition of the natural world and the human questions. It really works. Wonderfully done.


  11. brian miller says:

    it is an interesting question you start with…we have given a mic to all hatred and bigotry with social media…and given people an immediate outlet to lash out in the throes of emotion….


  12. Glenn Buttkus says:

    So sad, ironic, unsettling that even immersed in a sunset, the thunder of chaos, the cries of the forsaken, murdered, displaced drown out the song birds. Your “rough” draft rules, as it interrogates the 1%, the media, the zealots. Today we cannot easily find the silence, the peace within, or without, for the berserkers from both sides of the New Crusades trample our tranquility with jack boots & scimitars. I was shocked to hear on a CNN special on ISIS that Militant Islam believes that we are now in the End of Days, & that on the last day, Jesus will appear, & will lead the last faithful Islamic 5000 into the Rapture; damn, what madness abounds.


  13. kanzensakura says:

    Unfortunately, we are faulty humans – afraid of difference, threatened by difference….insatiable for power. If you don’t think/worship/look like us then you are wrong and should be eradicated. I listen to the news less and less. I was never into the social media thing. I can only hope that those of who have love in our hearts and respect for others will win out, that the love will overcome hate. This is a powerful write and asks so many of the questions I think we all wrestle with.


  14. Myrna says:

    Your questions are all so valid. It’s hard to observe the world’s lack of peace. I think the answer is to try to nurture as much peace within us and in our immediate environments. Hopefully, that will help.


  15. “black and white thinking
    does not work.
    why do we hate those many shades of gray?” Exactly, why?


  16. Victoria, I have been thinking about this a lot of late. The ubiquity of violence and graphic media on social media saturates our world with pain. I find myself reducing my social media exposure.


  17. Peace is shattered so often in our surroundings and our world. I like how you paint images of something that doesn’t seem right and ask questions. A solemn tone throughout. Thought-provoking.
    My favourite bit: “the world looks on in horror,/a world rift with –isms.”


  18. Peace is a gift that must be loved to exist.. and i for one know that suffering and pain is relative with or with out war.. so freedom is free if not only cherished but practiced without fear.. hate or discontent…

    So i turn off the TV and the news part of the Internet.. as what i can change is what i can change and what i cannot i must learn to accept.. with love raining in my life free as love can be..:)


  19. The world is going to Hell in a bucket and we feel powerless to stop it. Your poem expresses all the frustration I feel at what is happening around us.


  20. The black and white thinking of simplicity.. The cries: if you’re not with us you’re against us.. Why not enjoy what’s differnt? Why force your thinking on other.. Why is social media so often not social at all.. A wonderful walk into the sadness when even in nature we find war.


  21. billgncs says:

    the root is to exalt one’s self, one must first diminish others and their value.


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