Photo: Victoria Slotto

Photo: Victoria Slotto

Pregnant clouds
poise on the mountain tops,
wait for nature’s push—
but for now they hover.

Our desert valley thirsts,

Do you know spirit-drought?
Those long, dry days
of waiting for bad news?
Of watching a loved one’s
slow demise—death by the inch?
Of staring at a blank page,
waiting for a shower of words?

Our spirits thirst,

Tonight our world
lies awake, listens
for rain.

For the past few days we’ve watched rain clouds that just can seem to make it over the mountains. Drastic measures are being implemented in face of the drought. California has initiated a state-wide mandate to reduce water consumption by 25% or more. 

I hoped to have this up in time for Open Link Night but missed it by just minutes…actually seconds. But here it is, anyway.


20 thoughts on “Parched

  1. Jamie Dedes says:

    Interesting the way weather can mirror our interior life sometimes … Nicely done, Victoria.


  2. lynn__ says:

    We received 2/10 this morning…hope you’ve had some rain there!


  3. ihatepoetry says:

    Yes and it’s 90 damned degrees in Moreno Valley so your poem hits the spot, like a nice cold non-alcoholic beer. (Still on the wagon.) Nice to read you, and honk your horn when you pass the Redlands Blvd exit on the 60 freeway, I’ll honk back.


  4. The rain of emotion in all forms it storms.. in light
    and dark and negative and positive..
    is always better than the reins
    of reign of hearts and souls
    expressing spiRit..
    that no longer
    sings or
    in tears

    Every sadness reminds me i am alive..
    i’d rather die that not feel sadness
    again.. in death of life..:)

    And thanks for that pregnant poem.. as you just
    help me finish.. writing 37 poetic expressions
    to the rest.. as inspiration comes.. wHere
    inspiration flows and grows..
    in unrelenting practice
    of life.. growing
    in just


  5. hypercryptical says:

    Powerful write Victoria. Spirit-droughts are awful.
    Do so hope it rains in California soon and land and spirits are fed.
    Anna :o]


  6. rmp says:

    a very felt piece. I can only imagine the feeling of the clouds lingering out of reach…the correlation between the waiting expressed in the first stanza and those later express blends well.


  7. It still hadn’t rained? I’ve been aware to the California drought for a while now… Knowing droughts all too well, my hopes and wishes have been with you ever since.
    But as far as actual water is concerned, luckily the human mind already found ways to minimize usage and probably will find more…


  8. Grace says:

    I am sad to read about the drought Victoria ~ The italics of withers & thirsts make this read even more meaningful ~

    Hope you are well ~


  9. wow, Victoria… so powerful. Ugh, I wish we of the world could send rain your way…


  10. tamekamullins says:

    I love how you asked us to not only think about nature, but human nature as well. Wonderful! –


  11. Oh I wish I could send you some of our cool spring rain – those times when you wait for news or words or rain are the hardest. The ending is just perfect, Victoria – nice to see your beautiful writing today – smiles K


  12. A drought is terrible and the way you used it as a metaphor.. I really wish for rain in your place.


  13. Mary says:

    There are so many different kinds of drought. Your poem describes many of them….tying them all together beautifully! Always good to see your poetry, Victoria.


  14. Oh my. I don’t think I ever seen palm trees so droopy. Your words speak to the drought so poignantly–we are part of nature and feel her thirst in our souls. You may feel that words are raining down upon you, but this poem suggest otherwise.


  15. billgncs says:

    drought – comes to us in many guises – this was short but strong Victoria.


  16. I like the analogy you’ve made between the desert valleys thirsting as well as spirits. Hope you get some rain real soon!


  17. claudia says:

    those droughts are tough… the ones in nature as well as the spiritual ones.. i do hope that it’s going to rain soon…
    have a wonderful weekend victoria!!


  18. That is powerful, and the fear is palpable. I hope it rains for you tonight.


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