The Blissful Side of Gray

Here’s a second take on the Florette Form that Gayle has shared with us at dVerse…a bit lighter than my previous post. Please join us.

The Blissful Side of Gray

Where flowers bloomed just yesterday,
now barren branches barely sway
and leaves lie glumly in the snow—
winter’s begun, the light is low. I long for sun.

The sky—unending swaths of gray—
can bring oppression to my day.
But when the clouds give way to light
the mood dissolves, denies my right to mope and laze.

So now I have to mop the floors
open the windows, work outdoors.
It’s not that bad when days are drear,
it’s an excuse. My book is near. But here’s the sun.

Artist: John Lavery Wikipedia Labeled for Non-commercial use.

Artist: John Lavery
Labeled for Non-commercial use.


21 thoughts on “The Blissful Side of Gray

  1. 5h2o says:

    Very well pulled together. And I, too, long for sun!


  2. Back here after a long gap, feeling good to read your words again! Maybe, I will also join dverse soon.

    Someone is Special


  3. claudia says:

    ha yes
    what better than sitting on the couch with a good book while it rains or snows outside
    though it IS nice when the sun shows up


  4. As you know, I really appreciate gray in all its loveliness!


  5. madhuri says:

    The poem literally dances it’s way through. Love it!


  6. Love this! It captures my feelings about dreary winter days perfectly. Books are always a bright light when the sun just won’t come out. Peace, Linda


  7. Books make any day bright!


  8. Nato says:

    I do enjoy a good gray day from time to time. And your poem was quite lovely! Good job:)


  9. MarinaSofia says:

    This has a lovely gentle Victorian feel to it, Victoria (sorry, pun unintended). I know that feeling all too weel – I feel really guilty if I mope around when it’s nice weather outside.


  10. kanzensakura says:

    Oh what dancing lilting fun this is! I love sunny days but oh how I like curling up with a book in any weather. Nice, light working of the form.


  11. ghostmmnc says:

    I’m not a fan of cold, dreary days, so when we get a peek of sunlight, it is mood lifting! Love the way your florette captured the feeling. 🙂


  12. I really like this one.. the way you used alliteration as well made it dance, and yes it’s true about weather… (this sounds like a Swedish summer except for the light)… There is something so special about being at the point of having a choice between to good things, a book or being outdoors..


  13. Trudessa says:

    We are experiencing more gray days as the sunlight seems to disappear. I try to enjoy the bit I can during the day.


  14. Kate Mia says:

    Thanks goodness
    for mood changers
    both dArk and liGht..
    the spice of life..
    is in
    and pepper on
    sun and clouds..:)


  15. lynn__ says:

    A good book can be bliss but nothing outshines the sun 😉


  16. thotpurge says:

    Cold gloomy weather.. perfect to mope and laze and find every other excuse!!!!


  17. Kathy Reed says:

    ..and so goes the battle with winter blues, some days are darker and longer for lack of blue sky and the sun…always, we have to take the bad with the good! Darn!


  18. Mary says:

    Nice, Victoria! I especially like the idea that when clouds give way to light one cannot mope any longer.


  19. Sanaa Rizvi says:

    Most exquisite!! 😀 😀


  20. Grace says:

    Love the turn from longing for sun, then back to the sun ~ I hate these dreary days and really rejoice when there’s light and sun ~

    A lovely second share Victoria ~


  21. Bodhirose says:

    There are some perks to be had during those gray days. Thanks for posting a second, sweet Florette, Victoria.


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