Predator–dVerse Poetics


I prey upon the weak, the unsuspecting;
I stalk them in the dark or fading light.
I strike when they’re unsheltered, unprotected.
Until they taste such fear, such all-consuming fright.
Then when I’ve had my fill, once I am sated,
I spread my wings and fly into the night.

Photo: Wikipedia Commons

Photo: Wikipedia Commons

Today for dVerse Poetics, our guest host, KB, invites us to write assuming someone else’s persona. I suppose you could say I’ve taken on that of a serial killer (I’m reading too many mysteries these days) but actually, I became a bird, a night hawk. The doors of our poetry pub will open tomorrow at 3:00 PM EST–please join in, and have fun donning someone else’s persona.


20 thoughts on “Predator–dVerse Poetics

  1. You entered into the mind of a raptor with feeling. I wonder if they feel remorse.


  2. sreejaharikrishnan says:

    It’s wonderful!

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  3. Abhra says:

    Ha! you really made me taste my fear with that – well done Victoria. and Happy new year, don’t think I visited your blog in last 2 weeks.

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  4. I love your predator poem and hope he hasn’t eaten my bumblebee! At least the natural world is in a balanced ecosystem and needs must but human predators a different sort.

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  5. lillian says:

    Wonderful take on the prompt! Many years ago, I was driving in our neighborhoodd with my two children — they were perhaps 4 and 6 at the time. And I saw a hawk swoop down into a yard and pick up a baby bunny who had been hiding in a nest. I slammed on the brakes and jumped out of the car screaming like a banshee — Let go! Let go! And of course it simply flew away with the poor little creature in its talons. My kids were crying….what an experience. And then I realized….how much I was giving these creatures (both) human qualities and that nature does, after all, survive in its own way. Oh my — you’ve really brought back that memory! And after all, isn’t that what good writing does? Create reactions, connections. This is very well done!

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    • I winter in the California desert and every year the ducks (on the golf course’s water hazards) have the cutest little babies. It hurts to see them diminish in number, day-by-day. Last year, a neighbor did everything to chase the hawks away (and other avian predators). This year we are overrun with ducks. Nature has her purpose, her own sense of balance. But it still hurts.

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  6. Misky says:

    Oh yes! I love how you took this prompt in a different direction. So nice!

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  7. Polly says:

    Birds of prey are such an inspiration, and this is an inspired poem using metaphor to great effect

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  8. I love how this applies to so many situations and voices. Many people here… but definitely an ominous tone to the whole.

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  9. Sanaa Rizvi says:

    Yikes! I have got to say this gave me quite the chills!
    Powerful write 🙂

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  10. whimsygizmo says:

    Excellent persona of the voice of the predator. I loved this.

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  11. Grace says:

    I admire the voice of the predator, stalking the prey until one is sated ~ This could also apply to a serial killer or someone with a devious mind preying on the young and innocents ~Good one Victoria ~

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  12. Kate Mia says:

    Side note here..
    Victoria.. when i first
    visit the dVerse trail..
    a most beautiful
    hawk lands
    on my swing
    of 20 years..
    the swing is
    22 now..
    and A
    just comes for the
    second time ever
    back long enough
    for me to photo him
    for my 696th post
    in my longest
    running blog..
    a siGn for
    a dream
    come true..
    and yes.. now
    as i continue
    to learn how
    to create reality
    as i go in Hawk’s
    eYes fruition
    for what
    anyway.. i thought
    you might remember
    that Hawk.. but if not..
    ‘he’ IS coming soon
    in a day
    or so..:)

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  13. Glenn Buttkus says:

    What fun this prompt can be! Your vivid imagination has taken flight, as it were. KB’s suggestion that we write from the perspective of a jihadist terrorist could be bone-chilling. I think often we write persona poetry that my be mistaken for personal recall.

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  14. kanzensakura says:

    Having watched owls and nighthawks at work, I can say you nailed this. Being a wanderer in the night, one gets to see all kinds of incredible things daywalkers rarely get to see. I’m glad you clarified the poem was about being a hawk rather than a human. Now the poem is no longer frightening, but natural.

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  15. Mary says:

    Ah, you have captured the voice of the predator with such poetic flair! Glad it was a nighthawk though. Smiles.

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  16. Ah.. what a voice. I can see that predator.. be it bird or man. The fright. the flight and the escape… vivid

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  17. Powerful! Love it. 🙂 Have a wonderful day! -phoebe

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  18. Candy says:

    this could be out of a murder mystery! you captured the voice of a predator,

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