Good Friday Dirge

Artist: Lesley Oldaker Labeled for Noncommerical Reuse

Artist: Lesley Oldaker
Labeled for noncommercial reuse

Good Friday Dirge
an Octain Refrain

Upon the pond a cry of loons
begins its mournful, plaintive song.
I think of how it all went wrong.

Darkness still reigns ‘neath this full moon,
this early morn a mood forlorn
recalling loss, a cross rough-hewn.

And now in Belgium, hatred strong
prolongs the tragic cries of loons.

Written and Posted for my prompt at dVerse Poets Meeting the Bar. The form, developed by Luke Prater, is a High Octain, which I explain at dVerse. Tomorrow, Christians observe Good Friday as we deal with yet another tragic, cowardly act of terrorism. Because I was unable to join in for De’s prompt on Tuesday, I’ve given a nod to it here. Thank you for a great inspiration, De. I had no idea where that first line would take me.

22 thoughts on “Good Friday Dirge

  1. Bryan Ens says:

    The twist in your last couplet was a knockout blow. Very powerful!


  2. You clearly set the atmosphere with the imagery of the loons. I think so many of us echo their cries.


  3. A pleasure to read such a poignant poem Such loss on the cross, such loss in Belgium. Almost overwhelming at times. Thanks of not minding my stopping by dVerse to share. I miss sharing, but one needs to have the time to comment, and my time is needed still elsewhere. We are moving forward and getting there, though! Happy Easter, Victoria!


  4. ShirleyB says:

    So well crafted and a true and sombre nessage, Victoria.


  5. whimsygizmo says:

    Thank YOU, Victoria. This piece is gorgeous, and gives me a lump in my throat. I long so much for peace.


  6. Barry D. says:

    Tragic cries of loons, indeed. The sentiment is deeply felt.


  7. Candy says:

    Well put – humanity continues to mourn


  8. It apprears the loons have taken over! Very pointed, Victoria!


  9. I think we’re in similar mind-sets. Your octains are all superb.


  10. The world has gone mad, you told it well.


  11. lynn__ says:

    That’s why He died…and all creation mourns the curse. A somber and appropriate write for this week, Victoria.


  12. Goodness…the cry of loons in the open/close is so effective…causes such a somber tone. Beautiful emotive write, Victoria.


  13. Anna says:

    Wow, this was very moving and so well crafted. While I couldn’t join you for the Octain I do want to wish you a Happy Easter!


  14. kim881 says:

    I love that internal rhyme: this early morn a mood forlorn. You have really captured the mood, Victoria.


  15. Mary says:

    Indeed so much has gone wrong….the loons have much reason for their mournful cry….


  16. Beautiful poem – it has the atmosphere, the reflections, and the attention to true poetry, word usage, and meaning. It truly moved me. Excellent work Victoria. Thank you for the prompt today!


  17. Sanaa Rizvi says:

    The pain.. the loss with feeling of dread.. so gracefully expressed in your poem.


  18. Kathy Reed says:

    Oh, my, a dreadful event nicely described in a softly tragic way.


  19. Waltermarks says:

    Well put, Victoria. Too many loons.


  20. Bodhirose says:

    This is a dirge…sadness and loss abounds in the world. I can hardly stand any more.

    But aside from that thank you, Victoria, for a fun prompt with just enough challenge in it.


  21. Grace says:

    This is indeed a plaintive mournful song Victoria ~ I love the imagery of the tragic cries of loons ~

    Love the form and challenge you gave us ~ Happy Easter!!!


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