The Twist–a Quadrille



The Twist

You are responsible for your rose.
Antoine de St-Exupery
The Little Prince

True, no doubt.
Accepting love
we open arms to joy.

But here’s the twist:

There is no joy
without the care
that comes with pain.

a mother duck plays lame.
Perhaps she sees the hawk.
Love asks for all
we have to give.

Linked to dVerse Quadrille–a poem of exactly 44 words, using the word twist. I was tempted to write of the time David and I succumbed to the call of that dance from our youth, of his subsequent back surgery and…well, I won’t go into it. Had this been the Haibun, perhaps I would have.

Oh, and if you’ve never read “The Little Prince,” you must. Read it in French if you are able.


29 thoughts on “The Twist–a Quadrille

  1. Bekkie says:

    Oh I hope the hawk missed her this time! Life is just like that.


  2. Truedessa says:

    The Little Prince one of my favorites. The twist speaks with a tongue of truth…


  3. I read the book ages ago. An interesting article (don’t remember which publication) tells of Antoine de St-Exupery caught in a hurricane/tornado while flying an aeroplane, during the war I think. I always wondered whether his gratefulness in surviving produced The Little Prince?

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  4. othermary says:

    In just a few words you’ve got a world of truth. This is a special one, Victoria. xx


  5. Patti says:

    I love The Little Prince. You’ve captured beautifully one of the many bits of wisdom it has to offer.


  6. The joy, pain and sacrifices for love….it certainly does not come easy. Now I must read “Le Petit Prince”, perhaps taking the challenge en francais! 🙂


  7. Bryan Ens says:

    “Perhaps she sees the hawk.” That is sacrificial love.


  8. Alas, it is 10.15 am. J’ai passé le matin en lecture, grace à toi! Le Petit Prince m’a apprivoisée et m’enchantée.

    And now I must get dressed! Thank you for the delighful steer.

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  9. Sumana Roy says:

    love needs so much strength and forbearance and is not without pain…beautiful…


  10. kanzensakura says:

    Love asks for all
    we have to give…. and more. So true. I have always loved this story and this poem of yours says it all. You have written of the ducks before in your yard. I have seen parent animals fake to lead predators away from their young so many times and how they put all of themselves out there – for love. This made me cry thinking of my parents and their love.


  11. She says:

    “There is no joy
    without the care
    that comes with pain.”

    Man, that is so true.


  12. Lovely poem in 44 words.


  13. Rosemary Nissen-Wade says:

    It’s long been one of my favourite books too, and I too cherish my very old copy (in English; I can’t read French well enough). The quadrille is perfect.


  14. mtw says:

    oh love, this was such a beautiful poem. i love how you incorporate the little prince (a heartwrenching masterpiece) as well as the example of a mother duck. in only forty-four words, you manage to break my heart. well done.


  15. Grace says:

    One of my favorite story Victoria ~ So many lessons to learn and appreciate ~ Goodness, you must tell the story of you and your hubby dancing one time to the twist 🙂


  16. lillian says:

    Wonderful 44 words. The many sides of love. I’m reminded of the Giving Tree.


  17. ZQ says:

    Whoa… the ultimate act of love.


  18. Love asked for all we have to give indeed. You’ve managed to fit a lot in just 44 words. Wonderful writing.


  19. whimsygizmo says:

    “Love asks for all
    we have to give.”

    YES. So well done, Victoria. I bet you can tell your twist dancing story in 44 words, even haibun style. 🙂

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  20. Oh I have never read that book… but yes I’m with you on that twist… there is pain in real love, it’s sacrifice and loss… love the image of mother duck too….

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  21. I love this! “Le Petit Prince” was one of my favorites in my college French class. I still have my copy, though my French is beyond rusty I just can’t part with it. And you’ve expressed such an important truth about real love — it’s not for sissies.

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