Spring Saunters In–dVerse Monday Haibun

Photo: V. Slotto a path, a block from us, that gives access to the river walk

Photo: V. Slotto
a path, a block from us, that gives access to the river walk

Spring Saunters In
a Haibun

Four days of gentle, much desired rain and today the clouds part, allowing sun and fresh air to decant the earth. Our world is swathed in green—the new leaves unfurling on the ash and maple trees, the grass, growing so quickly you can hear it if you’re quiet enough. Flowers open their buds to drink deeply of rain drops still nestling in folds of colors: pink, purple, yellow—especially yellow.

At last, we set out for a walk, two anxious dogs eager to catch up on the neighborhood smells. We don’t hurry, rather stop to survey our surroundings, chatting about our own plans for the garden. Annuals and veggies, started from seed, wait for planting in the raised bed, soon to be roto-tilled, or the flower garden, already burgeoning with perennials. Along the road, dandelions dot yards with splats of color.

The breeze pushes cotton-ball clouds to the East, though west of us a few dark clouds still hover on the snow-capped Sierra Nevada. At last, water courses through the Truckee River, where last year only a trickle flowed out of Tahoe. We return home to Stellar Jays vying for a place at our feeder.

oriole returns,
flaunts orange against cobalt sky
spring walks in, he soars

Bjorn hosts Haibun Monday today and the theme is Walking. We would love to have you join us. The doors to the Pub open at 1500 EST.

Photo: D. Slotto

Photo: D. Slotto


23 thoughts on “Spring Saunters In–dVerse Monday Haibun

  1. Rosemary Nissen-Wade says:

    What a sweet, companionable walk. I particularly like the dogs and the oriole.


  2. Mish says:

    Love the idea of hearing the grass grow and those cottonball clouds floating in the breeze. Your photo of the oriole adds a splash of sunshine.


  3. spring walks in, he soars

    How nice to see lots of movements and changes nature provide with the coming of spring!



  4. whimsygizmo says:

    So beautiful. My soul lives up in that territory. Can’t tell you how happy we were at spring break to see that Truckee back to its old self. 🙂


  5. lillian says:

    Oh how I enjoyed taking this walk with you and your canine friends!
    And the final haiku is glorious! The photo of the bird is quite amazing 🙂


  6. I love the walk after the rain. Not raining in Rhodes but my home in spain has had much needed downpours! So lucky to have the Orioles , I still yearn to see one!


  7. kim881 says:

    The title alone conjures up a peaceful stroll. I’ve heard of orioles (mainly in popular songs) and didn’t know how colourful they are. We all seem to associate different birds with different seasons. The beauty of dVerse Poets!


  8. Sumana Roy says:

    love this burst of life in every word…so comforting..


  9. I would love to have been there with you.


  10. lynn__ says:

    Love the oriole haiku and glad the water flows in the river this spring!


  11. Michael says:

    I thought this was such a beautiful haibun capturing the world of your walk…..delightful Victoria.


  12. I loved how the Stellar Jays were almost waiting for you. This reminds me of where I live, in Colorado.

    Also… thanks for the very nice comment you left today on my post!


  13. Charley says:

    I went on your walk with you. Once I lived not too far from what you describe… a bit closer, perhaps, to the state house. Easy to fall in step, knowing the terrain. However, the greater credit goes to the skill and art of the author. Bravo!


  14. jillys2016 says:

    There is a whisper of contentment that calls out in your words. The imagery sparkles; I especially like the ‘splat’ of the dandelions!


  15. Walking and talking…all the birds, sounds, smells- it was good to accompany you on this walk. I love the photo of the path, so inviting


  16. The haIku closing the prose is beautiful.


  17. Absolutely beautiful, as always. I do love your choice of words in your poetry. My favorite line in this is ” the grass, growing so quickly you can hear it if you’re quiet enough.” It made me smile.


  18. Grace says:

    Am excited for the rain and spring flowers like you Victoria ~ Love the colors bursting specially yellow and to see those birds vying for the feeder ~ Also enjoyed the pictures, smiles ~


  19. Your second paragraph is a delight.


  20. “Sun and fresh air… decant the earth.” How beautiful. This poem is brimming with a sense of aliveness. The grass growing so quick you can hear it. The vivid smells of the neighborhood, everything burgeoning with color and renewal. I can practically smell the fresh-tilled earth.

    The last line of your haiku really captures the energy of the scene with its final vivid contrast. “spring walks in, he soars.” I loved that


  21. kanzensakura says:

    Cottonball clouds….the soaring oriole. Stellar jays – I became acquainted with those marvelous meteor birds on my first trip out west. Walking with dogs seems so much more restful and fun than trying to walk a cat. So much life in this! People, their gardens, the flowers and I can just see those dogs getting reacquainted with smells – their ears perked and noses working. Thank you for this lovely happy walk. I love the haiku!


  22. I do think that the element of talking, and in the company of dogs add something so special to your walk.. it’s a wonderful haibun and I feel like that the rain is such a relief. So different from what I would feel a desert to be like.


  23. Beautifully written – a great relaxing meditation!


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