the small suns of their hearts–dVerse OLN



the small suns of their hearts

we wait, impatiently now,
for helios to rise in our garden.

shasta daisy readies for her entrance
while sunflower pushes strong stalks heavenward.

in the meantime, bees buzz contentedly
about the thyme that has gone to flower

then flits over to chives abloom,
spindly legs and wings already heavy with pollen.

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25 thoughts on “the small suns of their hearts–dVerse OLN

  1. Such fullness already. Penned for all to see.


  2. Love those beautiful summer flowers!


  3. hypercryptical says:

    Beautiful dreamy words, a wonderful glimpse of natures wonders.
    Anna :o]


  4. lillian says:

    Oh I’m seeing this garden of spring through your words here and smiling at the picture of shasta daisies. Those and sunflowers — and lily-of-the valleys are my favorites! Those busy bees get all the pleasure…


  5. Raivenne says:

    Oh I simply adore this. It’s the kind of write that would make one feel a touch of simmer’s warmth come winter. Beautifully visual.


  6. Misky says:

    The thought of sunflowers fills me with joy. We haven’t grown them this year because we have so little success with them. I hope you enjoy your garden.


  7. The expectations of goings-on in the garden is there on the dot as nature takes its course.



  8. thotpurge says:

    Such calming joy….


  9. Candy says:

    oh yes! I think you’ve been sitting in my garden 😉


  10. Truedessa says:

    Ah, A daisy one of my favorite flowers. Simple yet elegant and it does remind me of summer days.


  11. Anna says:

    A delight for the senses, Victoria! At altitude we are just getting leaves on the trees. Your poem makes me eagerly anticipate the wildflowers of next month. Beautifully done.


  12. Grace says:

    I can feel the anticipation and excitement to finally see those blooms, heavenward ~ My wild roses have started budding already ~


  13. Ah, lovely. I miss having my own garden – but not the time it takes to tend!


  14. There is such contentment here, so lovely


  15. ihatepoetry says:

    Gorgeous, lush imagery. Loved.


  16. kim881 says:

    Such a peaceful summery image with bees and daisies and chives.


  17. What a great image you give us! Simple and pure… all of these flowers coming back.


  18. therisa says:

    Victoria, your poem brings back memories, of the multiple flowerbeds, my dad had, throughout the front and backyard. And my long suffering, with allergies, as the flowers bloom, from mid-spring, to their packing up, before the killer frost of late September.

    And yes, I got drafted, to help maintain the pollen factories, as I have a green thumb or two, with flowers.


  19. Glenn Buttkus says:

    Gardening has never been a passion for me, but luckily my wife likes it. Your poem is multi-sensual & lovely–the last line is killer.


  20. kanzensakura says:

    I love the title of this. Truly wonderful. My thyme is starting to flower and when you walk in it, the most amazing scent rises. Of course we now have the scents of honeysuckle and the huge dinner plate sized white magnolia blooms.


  21. Sanaa Rizvi says:

    Such rich and vibrant images in your verse Victoria ❤
    Beautifully penned.

    Lots of love,


  22. Anusha Das says:

    wow so beautiful


  23. This is wonderful… among the flowers you mention thyme is the one we have most of… it has spread as a wildflower… and when you walk there is a scent of thyme in the air…


  24. Delicious daisies and wonderful bees – what more could we ask. Ox-eye daisies have been in flower now for weeks all around the house, and they stay until well into next winter.


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