Summer Daze–dVerse Poetics

Summer Daze

Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?
___Mary Oliver, The Summer Day

Photo: David Slotto Our First Cherry Harvest

Photo: David Slotto
Our First Cherry Harvest

Outside my window,
a robin has abandoned
her downy nest.

Hummingbird flits through
branches of this same ornamental
pear tree, now swaying in the wind.

The fruit on our cherry tree
has turned a deep burgundy-red,
shimmering in bright sun.

Blue jays commandeer the highest
branches, squawk at doves,
chase carmine-hooded finches.

In the cool of our home,
while dogs and husband snooze,
I play with words,

taste delicious verbs,
savor the seduction of adjectives
and reflect on life still

spinning in these twilight years.
I wonder at the brevity,
the fragility of loveliness.

Walt is hosting for us today at dVerse Poetics where we are considering summer and using the words of another poet to launch our own poems. We hope you will join us.


21 thoughts on “Summer Daze–dVerse Poetics

  1. 5h2o says:

    I love how you have set this up, with the the ripeness of the cherries and the jumpiness of birds contrasted to the inactivity inside (except in your head which recalls the birds). Lovely reflection on aging, I think. Really, just lovely.


  2. lillian says:

    Victoria — I am just now catching up on my reading and this has just made my morning! Tipping my second cup to you. We had cherry trees in our Iowa farm yard many years ago — oh yes that deep deep cherry red. You’ve caught the fragility of life for those of us who are a bit older now — and I find I do look at nature, the bits of nature, one by one, and enjoy each in its difference. Just a beautiful write.


  3. Mish says:

    Love your delicate way with words, Victoria. You have shared a few of your favourite things. The ending is so touching and true as we marvel even more at life and nature’s gifts.

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  4. I love this! I especially like: “while dogs and husband snooze, / I play with words.” That happens at my house, too, although with only one dog plus a cat.

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  5. You are so right about the loveliness of fragility…moments we need to savor, there is so much to be taken in and treasured.

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  6. Oh lovely. The fragility of the moment – we must savour it. Thank you for sharing.

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  7. Oh yes. You have caught the bittersweet nature of my thoughts of summers past.


  8. kim881 says:

    A stunning poem full of colourful natural images, Victoria, that moves so effortlessly from the external to the internal..

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  9. “taste delicious verbs,
    savor the seduction of adjectives
    and reflect on life still”
    This is beautiful!

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  10. Sherry Marr says:

    “I wonder at the brevity, the fragility of loveliness.” Sigh. Me, too, kiddo. So beautiful.

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  11. jillys2016 says:

    The cherries, both photo and painted words, as real enough to touch. Hard to go wrong with Mary Oliver 🙂 Lovely!

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  12. whimsygizmo says:

    Sigh. Just so lovely. So much contentment and thankful heart in this, Victoria. LOVE: “taste delicious verbs,
    savor the seduction of adjectives”

    Me, too. Always. 🙂

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  13. Sanaa Rizvi says:

    taste delicious verbs,
    savor the seduction of adjectives
    and reflect on life still

    Whistles!! ❤ this is gorgeous Victoria 😀
    Love the lush and vibrant images here.

    Lots of love,

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  14. The colours and tastes of summer and creativity – what a glorious combination!

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  15. Victoria, this purely sparkles. You give summer a exhilarating breath!! Love it too!

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  16. Glenn Buttkus says:

    You snare us, & put us into your home, your garden, & your heart; yes, your poem is lovely, & the levity, the smiles are thrice evident; thanks.

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  17. I felt you would really spring out of that particular poem… so lovely to find your way among those verbs… it’s a lovely place to be, to write in your twilight may be….


  18. kanzensakura says:

    First of all, the photo is gorgeous and to think, it is your harvest! The poem itself – I wonder at the brevity, the fragility of loveliness – this just says it all about summer, about life, about the glory of words and sun. I think I like this one best of all your poems. It is glorious.


  19. Those seductive adjectives! Lovely🍒🍒

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  20. Ayala says:

    Victoria, this is filled with beauty and I feel the gratitude in it. Love it.

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