Lauds–Poetic Bloomings, Day 2

The theme for Poetic Bloomings, Day 2, is smiles of a summer night. I trust that, though is was morning here when this came to mind, it was night somewhere. So, I turn the world upside down.

Photo: David Slotto

Photo: David Slotto


earth greets summer morning
sun with a smile
i fall into their embrace
kiss dappled shadows
dancing with the climbing rose

oriole sips nectar
you reach to take my hand
all the while buried
in the sports page

i sing heart-praise
sip coffee

5 thoughts on “Lauds–Poetic Bloomings, Day 2

  1. Summer morning – so great, I love the touch of hands. So lovely


  2. One moment that elicits a smile, be it morning or night, Victoria, get written just as well as you have expressed here! The key is that you have written! A lovely poem!


  3. How can one not love something like this?
    Wonderful! 😀


  4. Sue says:

    Beautiful! A moment captured


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