objectivity…or not?

Photo: Wikipedia Labeled for Non-Commercial Reuse

Photo: Wikipedia
Labeled for Non-Commercial Reuse

objectivity…or not

it used to be that the media—
newspapers, radio and TV
dealt in truth.

today I read novels,
listen to classical music
and watch the beauty of a sunset.

do you vote?


A Sevenling for yesterday’s prompt at dVerse Poet’s Pub where Gayle interviewed former team member, Anthony, and concluded a wonderful week of 5th Anniversary Celebration Interviews. I’m too late for the Link.

17 thoughts on “objectivity…or not?

  1. TV for me is a rarity. News-just the headlines to see if the world is still limping along. As for voting, I’m planning to write in Mickey Mouse.


  2. Reason why I hate TV – haven’t watched it in years. Media feeds you bullshit for kicks. Whatever gives them more ratings, it’s never *really about what’s going on in the world via mainstream media. All crap.


  3. hypercryptical says:

    A clever and wise write.
    I do vote although realise it’s a Catch 22 thing…
    Anna :o]

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  4. I too would rather observe the wonderful sunset rather than listen to the media. Beautifully penned.

    Lots of love,

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  5. Yes, yes, yes. This resonates with me (and many others, I suspect).

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  6. Sumana Roy says:

    like Brian says to go for a lesser evil…yet the world is still beautiful, ah for a drop of golden sun….

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  7. Kate Mia says:

    SMiLes.. Victoria..
    Actually i think we are
    just exposed to more of the
    truth now.. and lots more dirty
    laundry that never got out before..
    it’s just a matter of finding a source
    that is not biased as possible.. freedom
    of information per the net.. almost guarantees
    there will never be another epic fiasco like Iraq..
    that’s the good news in a way..
    and of course the bad news
    as more than ever is
    integrity of the
    candidates but
    as history
    shows now
    the greatest
    perceived elected
    saints before had plenty
    to come out of their soilEd
    closets too.. no different really
    than hidden emails and stains on
    dresses.. i only watch the news for
    amusement as eventually as science
    shows this conservative and liberal nature
    of humans is programed in our DNA about
    50-50.. as has always been the general case..
    it doesn’t matter where one goes.. people are
    alike everywhere.. most ironically in different
    same ways.. so.. Politics is really no different
    than soap opera cycles.. where one doesn’t
    miss much from 6 months to the next
    6 months.. and there is much
    better stuff to do now..
    thanks God than
    just three black
    and white
    and 6pm news..
    now and preferably
    something to do with
    Nature as NDD.. Nature
    Deficit Disorder.. is the greatest
    problem the Western Civilization
    as whole faces now in so many ways..
    so if enough people get disgusted with
    politics and look at a sunset as you say..
    perhaps World Peace will come a little
    Sooner.. at least per affect and or
    effect of The Butterfly effect..
    later or hopefully sooner..
    anyway.. the status
    quo will continue..
    the country will stay
    divided.. until another
    threat off our soil unites us
    again.. and the real danger of
    that is what we saw with Iraq..
    Nationalism can definitely defeat
    human reason.. as the tribal instinct
    when it gets into gear can define all
    reason for what makes usual sense..
    when peace rules for years and years..
    Ha!.. that’s likely why we don’t get any
    direct sponsored Isis related attacks
    on our soil.. the United States
    bite can even be louder
    than a reasonable bark..
    We have a reputation of
    being unreasonable and almost
    insane.. no one messes with the
    crazy eye.. it’s nice to go outside all day
    long without the same worries other folks
    have in so many countries of getting blown
    up.. unless one is paranoid of course.. as fear
    is the worse terrorism of all that so many folks inflict
    on themselves.. meanwhile.. i’LL SinG and DancE in
    steps and words.. and vocal chords.. and let the
    soap opera suds bubble on tHeir song of division
    with no
    blood shed..
    my friend..
    and sure.. i’LL
    vote for Hillary Clinton..
    i’LL never vote for someone
    who stands against immigration..
    as my Grandfather came here from
    Ireland.. and there are lots of good Muslim
    folks.. who don’t deserve to be discriminated
    against.. just because of where they lived..
    after all for those who suggest they
    are REAL Christians..
    a cross is for
    a sacrifice
    of fearless
    Love.. no..
    not wimpy
    folks with
    feathered nests
    my friend.. as Lord
    KNoWs the greaTest Lovers
    often have no where to rest their
    head and be accepted as Love can
    scare folks.. when it comes fearless like a LioN..
    oh.. misery.. does love its company.. Fearless Love..
    spOils that ‘party’..
    to the chagrin of
    negative over positive..;)


  8. Glenn Buttkus says:

    For me, V., we have always had “creative” & manipulated news reporting, if we look back honestly to the 50’s even. It is just that the internet has shrunk the planet, & we are of every event all over the globe in minutes; but your point is well taken–we all can use the respite found in a sunset.

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  9. Grace says:

    I have come to believe that the media can be bought….I would rather watch the beauty of the sunset.

    I linked you in, anyway, smiles.

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  10. Brian Miller says:

    This will be a hard election. ..I have no one I believe in to vote for. ..lesser of two evils..,maybe. ..the media is there for entertainment and drive ratings. ..not up tell the truth. ..sadly

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  11. ladynyo says:

    Hi Victoria….the media confuses. Just reading different media sites about the same issue leaves different opinions what has happened. Now? I don’t trust media anymore. I strive to come to my own conclusions, and that takes research. I read novels (and write them…) listen to classical music and marvel in Nature. As for voting? I find nothing this time to vote for. The lesser of two evils is still…evil.

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