the blue of the sky falls over me like silk

the blue of the sky falls over me like silk
a Haibun

Flying above tattered rags of clouds, the plane banks over the Pacific as the sun slowly moves westward. We begin the descent over Catalina Island and memories of dude ranch summers flood my mind—riding bareback in the still waters off the east-facing shore of the island where the gentle roll of waves laps around our legs. Diving or fishing from the pier, flirting with the teenage ranch hands and dreading the return to school, much as I dread what will await me upon arrival. Back home, leaves have already begun to die.

autumn sun-song plays
poignant memories stir
dance on ocean waves

Photo: Wikipedia Commons

Photo: Wikipedia Commons

The title of this Haibun is taken from a poem by Mary Oliver.

I’m joining in late for OLN at dVerse. I wrote this a while back and was confused as to the prompt, but I don’t want to “waste” it.