Political Perfidy–dVerse MTB

Political Perfidy—dVerse MTB

The Clerihew

I’m not prone to expressing my viewpoint on hot-button issues and perhaps these don’t exactly meet the humor standard, but just writing the form was fun…a bit like the limerick. Gayle’s prompt over at dVerse is for the Clerihew, a humor poem, based on a well-known figure, written in a rhyme scheme of AAbb. 


Wikipedia Commons-Labeled for Non-commercial reuse

Wikipedia Commons Labeled for non-commercial reuse


Hitler was evil, no doubt
and a coward, perhaps, the lout!
He fell so in love with his power
that he used his regime to devour.




Image: DeviantArt Labeled for non- commercial reuse

Image: DeviantArt
Labeled for non- commercial reuse

My hero was once Kaepernick;
celebrity’s made him a prick.
Patriotic—that’s me—so I don’t like to see
disrespect in the land of the free.




Wikipedia Commons Labeled for Non-commercial reuse

Wikipedia Commons
Labeled for Non-commercial reuse

Clinton and Trump are at odds.
Please don’t listen to media nods.
If you will cast your vote,
of the ISSUES take note.


15 thoughts on “Political Perfidy–dVerse MTB

  1. Entirely cute and thoughtful! And I so agree about Kapernick. The flag does not represent political issues. It represents us, our freedoms, and the men and women who have devoted themselves to it, some of whom died for those devotions. I would like to see every child who lost a parent to war assemble at one of his games and protest his entrance to the field. Where he does nothing but play a game. Something their father or mother will never be able to do with them again.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. lynn__ says:

    Superb use of clerihew (and visual art) to make a point!


  3. ghostmmnc says:

    Very good! Love the subjects, and the rhymes! 🙂


  4. ladynyo says:

    Victoria! These are all good. You nailed it. I sat this prompt out, nothing came to mind. LOL! All of the d’verse submissions were great!


  5. Glenn Buttkus says:

    kudos for the variety of issues, & for rocking the prompt–Trump vs. Hillary hooked me, of course.


  6. Bryan Ens says:

    Love the pictures that you’ve paired with each clerihew.


  7. When I read the Hitler one I thought “how is this a hot button issue? Everyone agrees he was evil.” But then I kept reading. I like them all.


  8. lillian says:

    This form is ripe for political parody. Well done!


  9. Yes indeed, politics should be about issues not person.. So correct.


  10. This is spectacular Victoria. Hank keeps chuckling throughout in fact!



  11. The Clerihew does seem to lend itself to political expressions… I thought so too, but chose cartoon characters for mine – much safer!


  12. Bodhirose says:

    Love all of these, Victoria…excellent Clerihew! I so appreciate you sharing your work today…thank you.


  13. whimsygizmo says:

    Well done, Victoria. 🙂


  14. Jamie Dedes says:

    Bravo! Certainly having your say too. I hope you and David are doing well. xo


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