of a pristine october morn

Photo: Victoria Slotto

Photo: Victoria Slotto

of a pristine october morn

blue glass sky, cloud-
less, diamond dew-studs,
shimmering hoar frost

leaves blush at branches bare
bold crickets cry frantically
singing last-chance choruses

a flagging rose scatters petals
before winter’s advent
and i watch life slip
from between my fingers

Written for Kim’s Quadrille prompt at dVerse Poets’ Pub–asking for a poem of exactly 44 words, using the word cloud.


26 thoughts on “of a pristine october morn

  1. Truedessa says:

    I felt the life slipping through the fingers, it feel like that sometimes…


  2. Miss Stacy says:

    beautiful work of art.
    yes, seasons are the times in our lives. we must spend them carefully.


  3. claudia says:

    oy – that one is very moving victoria – the last line made me swallow a bit – there’s so much beauty in fall – yet also the decaying and dying – carpe diem!


  4. October Skies of Northern
    Florida.. respite from
    all stuff
    including clouds..
    but sure.. i Love
    sunset colors
    paint and
    brush as canvas..:)


  5. before winter’s advent
    and i watch life slip
    from between my fingers

    There is the sense of loss even regret when watching slowly of winter’s approach. Very true Victoria!



  6. Bodhirose says:

    I too love your “blue glass sky” and “winter’s advent”, Victoria. The last couple of lines feels a bit ominous but I understand the meaning.


  7. whimsygizmo says:

    Such beautiful descriptions and word choices here, Victoria. I especially love: “bold crickets cry frantically
    singing last-chance choruses”


  8. “a flagging rose scatters petals before winter’s advent” leaves me with the impression of true joy and contentment even as that life ends and enriches the soil for the next blooming.


  9. So beautifully written as the first frost arrives with the clear skies.


  10. rosemawrites says:

    oh wooow. this is breathtakingly described piece!


  11. maria says:

    Beautiful imagery, indeed. I love the presence of time in this piece. 🙂


  12. frankhubeny says:

    Life does slip through one’s fingers. I liked the photo with the different colored leaves. I wonder if a branch had died on the tree.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Brian says:

    Everywhere life slips away only to be renewed in the next cycle of growth.


  14. A gardener perhaps? Beautiful narration. The roses are only sleeping 😉


  15. It’s autumn, and life slips through the fingers… but life is being lived fully in this poem.


  16. Grace says:

    Opening lines are beautiful images of autumn Victoria ~ Enjoy the pristine morning before winter’s advent ~


  17. You aren’t letting life slip between your fingers at all – you are noticing the moment so clearly, loving life by doing that. Beautiful.


  18. Sanaa Rizvi says:

    Whistles! ❤️ Victoria this is absolutely exquisite 😀 love the progression of autumn and the image of “a flagging rose scatters petals before winter’s advent ❤️ Sigh.. beautifully poignant.

    Lots of love,


  19. The beauty of fall… yet the last lines a reminder. Love the progression from the beauty to that reminder… like a leaf, crumbled between fingers.


  20. Wonderful imagery! I especially like “last-chance choruses” and “winter’s advent.”


  21. […] prompt will be up at 12:00 PT, but I learned that the word for today is “cloud” from Victoria who has access to the prompt earlier than I do. But I wrote the first draft of this Quadrille […]


  22. This morning as I left the house I stopped to enjoy my lantana, which are still blooming as if fall was not here and winter not far behind. I was thankful that this crisp October morning for the remnants of summer. I did not gaze at my flagging roses, which I deadheaded of wet, moldy buds just yesterday.


  23. Oh beautiful and very Much linked to the October of our lives as the leaves begin to slip.


  24. lynn__ says:

    The flagging red rose pricked an image of fading with age…


  25. Sue says:

    Oh, don’t watch life slip away, seize the day!


  26. lillian says:

    Oh, what a wonderful way to begin my morning! You had me with “blue glass sky.” And I love the words “winter’s advent” — yes, all signs are bringing winter…and like advent, we are in a season that knows its approach. Happy Monday my friend!


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