calando–dVerse MTB Music


watching life slowly
slip away (calando)
as winter skies bear down
as winds disrupt the birds
as clouds hang low
and inch across the mountains

(down the hall the hiss
of oxygen
and ponderous moans)

I slam the door
and crash upon my bed
as elton’s funeral
for a friend
sounds grave

ly of lies
this is no friend
who robbed your child
of innocence

in the tree
outside my window
the branches
have been stripped
of leaves

I wrote this for my prompt at dVerse Meeting the Bar. I’m asking for the incorporation of musical concepts as they apply to poetry. This poem is inspired by stories I’ve read in the paper recently. I extrapolated, imagining the feeling of a mother who allowed a child to be abused by her husband or partner. That part is fiction. 



19 thoughts on “calando–dVerse MTB Music

  1. lillian says:

    powerful……”branches stripped of leaves” is so powerful in this context. And the hyphenated grave – ly across two stanzas is especially effective here. What a wonderful response to the prompt.
    Apologies for the late reading…spent the weekend carovting with the grandkids and seeing them in a Nutcracker production 🙂


  2. watching life slowly
    slip away (calando)
    as winter skies bear down

    As life slips away even nature outside seems to jive in tandem at the despondence feel!



  3. Truedessa says:

    I slam the door and crash my head against the bed..this image is powerful and speaks of denial.. you can never hide behind a door of truth.. Does that make sense?


  4. Glenn Buttkus says:

    Like a punch to the plexus, as hope, dreams, & life itself begins to fade. As my hearing & sight grow worse, I grasp at every sound & image like a drowning man to a log; heavy duty piece; smile.


  5. ladynyo says:

    Oh, such pathos in this, Victoria. The stripped tree at the end sums it all up. Sad, haunting, but beautiful. in a way, it reminds me of Toni’s poem. Both so haunting.


  6. lynn__ says:

    Bravo, maestra…makes me want to wail.


  7. I hear a slow and deeply sad lament. Powerful.


  8. kim881 says:

    I agree with Bryan and Misky. This is so touching, Victoria.


  9. Bryan Ens says:

    Heart wrenchingly crafted. The pain of losing a loved one (even slowly), or seeing a loved one abused. ..both leave us hurting and helpless feeling.


  10. Misky says:

    Love the internal rhyming and meter of this lovely poem. And thank you for the prompt, Victoria.


  11. Sue says:

    A most moving write, Victoria…Love your use of the musical terms – thank you for introducing me to Calando, such an apt metaphor for end of life


  12. The word calando is so well used, the sadness and the slow rhythm juxtaposed against the image of the bare trees is a stunning moment. Absolutely stunning.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Sanaa Rizvi says:

    You have left me speechless…!❤️


  14. This is very touching.


  15. Sabio Lantz says:

    sad – well crafted


  16. kanzensakura says:

    Oh Victoria. This breaks my heart for you. We both love our mothers so very much. Words cannot express.


  17. Waltermarks says:

    There really are no words 😟


  18. whimsygizmo says:

    That stripped tree is such a powerful image, Victoria. Excellent use of the music terms here. Love it. Loved this prompt.


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